Yang Hyun Suk Participates In 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge With Largest Donation

Yang Hyun Suk has taken part in the 2018 Ice Bucket challenge!

Sean launched the challenge again in Korea last month in order to support the construction of Korea’s first hospital for ALS patients by the Seungil Hope Foundation.

On June 30, Sean revealed Yang Hyun Suk’s donation to the cause by sharing a text conversation he had with the YG Entertainment founder.

Yang Hyun Suk explained that he had been asked to participate in the challenge by LOONA’s HyunJin, but wished to donate 50 million won instead (approximately $44,900). Sean reassured him just a donation is fine, saying that Yang Hyun Suk’s donation is the largest so far.

In response, Yang Hyun Suk expressed, “I sincerely hope that this can help Lou Gehrig patients a little.”

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_ 너무나 고마운 문자^^ YG 양현석님이 2018 아이스버킷챌린지에 기부로 함께 해주셨습니다. 늘 고마운 현석이형 벌써 27년이나 된 우리의 인연 내가 가장 어렵고 있을곳이 없던 시절 “우리 집에 와 있어라” 라고 했던 사람, 그리고 나와 혜영이의 인연을 만들어준 사람… 현석이형 정말 고마워~ 루게릭환자분들과 가족분들에게 너무나 큰 도움이 되어 주어서… 국내 최초 루게릭요양병원 건립이라는 기적에 한발자국 더 가까이 갈수 있게 해줘서… 형 아프지 말고 건강해야돼~ 형과 형 가족 위해 늘 기도할께? #YG #양현석 #YGFAMILY #아이스버킷챌린지 #2018icebucketchallenge #2018아이스버킷챌린지 #승일희망재단 #루게릭요양병원

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Along with his Instagram post, Sean shared how grateful he has always been to Yang Hyun Suk, who he has known for 27 years through all of his life’s ups and downs. Sean added, “I sincerely thank Yang Hyun Suk for helping Lou Gehrig patients and their families greatly, and for helping us become one step closer to the miracle that is the establishment of the first domestic hospital for ALS patients.”

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