Actress Hong Soo Hyun And Rapper Microdot Revealed To Be Dating

Hong Soo Hyun and Microdot are in a relationship!

On July 1, an industry representative reported, “The two developed their friendship after appearing on fishing variety show ‘The Fishermen and the City’ in October of last year, and they recently confirmed their feelings for each other and became a couple.”

In response to the reports, a source from Hong Soo Hyun’s agency confirmed, “Hong Soo Hyun and Microdot met through a variety show. They naturally progressed their friendship while hanging out with friends, and they recently started dating. They’re just getting to know each other.”

As Hong Soo Hyun was born in 1981 and Microdot was born in 1993, the couple has an age difference of 12 years.

They previously hinted at their relationship through social media. Microdot tagged Hong Soo Hyun for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and when she posted her video, he left heart emoticons as a comment. He also wrote, “Good Night,” with a rose emoticon, and she also replied saying the same in Korean.Congratulations to the new couple!

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