BTOB Talks About Their Famously Musical Fan Chants And What Their Fans Mean To them

BTOB shared their thoughts on creating their fan chants, how much their fans mean to them, and more in a recent interview with the Seoul Economic Daily.

The seven-member boy group recently came back with a fun, summer song and their harmonious fan chants have once again become a hot topic online.

Minhyuk said, “To be honest, the first time we made fan chants were for ‘I Only Know Love’ when we were total rookies, but it hasn’t been that long since we officially began making them. We started personally telling [fans] our fan chants starting ‘I’ll Be Your Man.'”

He continued, “I think the fan chant video for ‘Missing You‘ that we personally filmed and uploaded was the one that became a hot issue. That became secondary content and there were more people that I thought who looked for our songs after watching that video. We wanted to film another fun fan chant video this time as well, and there were many people who looked for our fan chant clip and liked it this time as well.”

Hyunsik commented, “I thought that it’d be nice if the fans sang with us when they come to watch our performances rather than just shaking their light sticks. Sometimes, I intentionally remove my in-ear to listen to the fans’ voices. There are times when I consider fan chants when writing songs. For ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ and ‘Missing You,’ I thought, ‘It’d be nice if the fans chanted like this.'”

Eunkwang added, “I think that we create our performances with our fans. Because we have fun and we see the fans having fun, I think it makes us more ambitious. Melody [BTOB’s official fandom] is our eighth member.”

BTOB recently joined their fellow labelmates for the “2018 United Cube -One-” concert at the same venue where they held their first solo concert.

Minhyuk stated, “We definitely feel pressured during our solo concerts. It’s almost the same nervousness we feel when an album of ours is released, so we’re really sensitive until the day of our concert. On the other hand, the Cube Concert felt fun and cheerful. We went on stage with the thought of creating performances with our agency family members and enjoying it together.”

Eunkwang added, “I was really surprised. A lot of Melodies came that day.”

BTOB is currently promoting their latest track “Only One for Me.” See why BTOB’s fan chants are known for their uniqueness for yourself below!

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