“Show Me The Money 777” Introduces Dramatic Changes For New Season

The seventh season of Mnet’s popular rap survival show, “Show Me the Money 777,” has gone for a dramatic reboot, with several key changes to the show’s system.

In addition to prize money of 200 million won (approximately $178,000), which is twice that of previous seasons, “Show Me the Money” has introduced a betting system where money is won and lost through rap battles, and money gained will determine who comes out on top to win the prize money.

This season also has done away with the preliminaries that kicked off previous seasons, in which the rappers, all gathered in one place, had to pass a first test face-to-face with the producers, or judges, of the show. Instead, the first weeding of contestants will be done by video submission through email, the show’s home page, or Instagram, so the premiere of the survival show will begin with rappers who have already made a first cut, for a bigger bang.

Meanwhile, Swings and Giriboy are the first to artists confirmed as producers on the show, which is set to premiere in September. Rappers will have until July 7 to enter.

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