ASTRO Confirms Summer Album Release + Weki Meki Also Preparing For Comeback

ASTRO and Weki Meki are gearing up for their comebacks!

On July 3, a source from Fantagio Music confirmed, “ASTRO is planning on releasing a special album towards the end of the month. We are in the last stages of preparation.”

However, as it is a special album for fans, it is unclear if they will carry out broadcast promotions. Cha Eun Woo is also in the midst of filming his new drama.

Fantagio Music revealed in addition, “Weki Meki is also preparing for their comeback. However, the album format or their promotional direction has not been decided yet.”

There were previous reports of the groups’ plans being delayed due to problems at Fantagio as the agency’s CEO was fired and replaced after Chinese company JC Group became its largest shareholder. While JC Group’s Wei Jie took over as the sole CEO of Fantagio, the CEO of Fantagio Music was also dismissed, and Wei Jie’s secretary took his position.

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