YoonA Attends Blue House Luncheon Following Invitation From First Lady Kim Jung Sook

YoonA has attended an event at the Blue House, the executive office and residence of the South Korean President Moon Jae In.

The Girls’ Generation member was invited by First Lady Kim Jung Sook to attend a luncheon on July 3. She was invited due to her contribution to the Community Chest of Korea, of which she became an Honor Society member in 2015 for donating over 1 hundred million won (approximately $89,800).The two women spent time together with friendly discussion and laughter, even exchanging light jokes.

YoonA commented, “I thank the First Lady who allowed me to have a day full of warmth by meeting new people with the common interest of giving. Due to the nature of my job, I think my actions can greatly influence many people, so I will work to show many good deeds.

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