G.O And Choi Ye Seul Reveal How They Met, Possible Marriage Plans, And More

On the July 3 episode of MBC Every1’s “Radio Star,” G.O and Choi Ye Seul talked about their relationship: its beginnings, their decision to go public, thoughts on marriage, and more.

G.O decided to go public with their relationship because he wanted to be true to his feelings. “My outlook changed while working as a celebrity. I thought, ‘We only live once; I wanted to be true to how I feel. Rather than hiding, I wanted to confidently reveal [my relationship].’ But when it was revealed, I was sad. I wanted to be the one to tell my fans, but it came out in the news.” Choi Ye Seul also had no issues with the reveal. She said, “Contrary to what a lot of people were worried about, I was happy even with the mean comments people were leaving. I bragged to my friends, saying that I was finally getting some public interest.”

On how they first met, G.O said, “A friend introduced me to Choi Ye Seul,” and said that when she showed up with wet hair to meet him and his friend, he wondered if she had been trying to impress him, because he had talked about liking sexy women so much on television. Choi Ye Seul revealed that it was because she was hungover from drinking the night before the date, and had been throwing up. “I took a shower to pull myself together, which made me feel so much better. But I was going to be late, so I just went out. That’s how little interest I had in the date. I was just going out to have some drinks.”

But the meeting went well, and the two went on to meet a couple more times. “After [a couple of dates], G.O said to me, ‘I can make you really happy. All you have to do is look at beautiful things, wear beautiful clothes, and have beautiful thoughts.’ Moreover, he had clear goals, and his belief that he would achieve those goals gave me a sense of stability.”

G.O and Choi Ye Seul may be getting married soon. G.O said, “We want to have a small wedding sometime next year. It is true that we are meeting with marriage in mind. I have a lot of shortcomings, so I want to lean on her. I think we’re very compatible, which is why I want to get married. Rather than having a fancy wedding, I want to use that money go on a big family trip abroad.”

Choi Ye Seul also talked about what she loves about G.O. Though she doesn’t normally like people who are hairy, she said, “G.O’s chest hair is sexy. Generally, he’s very hairy.” Moreover, G.O is great to Choi Ye Seul’s mother. The three of them have even gone on a trip to Japan together, and G.O drives Choi Ye Seul’s mom to her calligraphy class across town every day.

However, the couple surprised everyone when they said they don’t kiss. G.O explained, “We talked about it when we first met, and Ye Seul says she doesn’t like kissing, and that if the other person’s breath smells, it ruins the mood.”

G.O, who has been working as a broadcast jockey with his own channel, said, “Once I earned 30 million won (approximately $26,900) in 10 days. Now, I earn about enough to purchase a mid-size car every month.” Choi Ye Seul, who has also started as an independent broadcaster, said she earns more than she did as an actress.

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