Watch: Apink Debuts Self-Made Units On “Idol Room” With Hilarious Performances

The members of Apink appeared on JTBC’s “Idol Room” for the first time on July 3, the first guests to appear since the show’s changed air time from Saturday to Tuesday.

Apink recently came back with “I’m So Sick,” their first Korean release in about a year. They explained that it took so long because it was hard to find a good song, and that they had a lot of individual work that they were doing.

From the beginning of “Idol Room,” Apink displayed the ease of veteran idols that recently celebrated their seventh anniversary, readily throwing each other under the bus and making fun of each other.

When MC Jung Hyung Don asked about Jung Eun Ji’s workouts, which have garnered attention, Chorong expressed her surprise, and Namjoo said, “She’s actually more famous for her arms,” after which the members happily directed the “Idol Room” staff to search “Jung Eun Ji Thor,” an unfortunate but hilarious product of lighting.

On why she started exercising more, Jung Eun Ji said, “I wasn’t very healthy, and I’d had a bad herniated disc, so I started exercising. I was always so tired.”

Bomi also talked about her pitch, which she has impressed with many times when throwing the first pitch for baseball games. She said, “At first I didn’t practice, but afterward, I practiced so much and received coaching.” Bomi then made an attempt to crack her record speed of 87 kilometers per hour on the show. She warmed up with a casual throw, which hit 56 kilometers per hour, and then went on to see if she could beat her personal best.

Apink then revealed their group units. The group has never officially promoted with units, but said they created them on their own for fun.

The first unit is Bomi and Namjoo, called BnN. They are the only unit with a song, which they released for the drama “School 2017.”

The second is Bomi, Hayoung, and Naeun, called YOS, taking the initials from their last names. According to the members, this is a unit that they had initially created for April Fools.

The third and final unit is Bomi, Hayoung, and Chorong, called Chorong and the Rais (the Korean sounds similar to Seotaiji and Boys). Hayoung explained that she and Bomi are the “Rais,” because it is an abbreviated version of “freak” that they affectionately call each other. So they and Chorong created the third unit, and even took pictures together, since they all like hip-hop music.

The three units, who have never had the chance to officially promote, all took turn on the stage, for what was, essentially, a beautifully crazy karaoke session.

Watch the performances below!

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