Watch: Kim Sung Cheol Is Head Over Heels For DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon In Fun Musical Teasers For “to. Jenny”

Kim Sung Cheol is determined to sing a love song to DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon in KBS 2TV’s upcoming music drama “to. Jenny”!

In a new preview, Kim Sung Cheol’s character Park Jung Min is practicing a love song he’s working on for Jung Chaeyeon’s character Kwon Na Ra. The sweet song used in the drama is indie band We Are The Night’s “Tiramisu Cake.”

The clip then cuts to Park Jung Min and Kwon Na Ra at the convenience store we saw them at in a previous teaser. Park Jung Min puts on a deep, dramatic voice as he looks her in the eye and says, “I like you. We’re dating starting today. You’re mine.” Kwon Na Ra just looks up at him in response, seeming mildly surprised, before we see him told off for his bad move by a girl who appears to be his younger sister.

The teaser gives further glimpses of the drama as the caption reads, “The song I’ll play for the girl I met again like it was fate. The love song I couldn’t sing for her then, but I really want to play for this time. The love song that’s only for her.”

Another new teaser begins by taking a look at a “sacred family tree of sexy musicians,” featuring the stars of popular films that incorporate music into the plot. It shows clips of Glen Hansard in “Once,” Mark Ruffalo in “Begin Again,” and Ryan Gosling in “La La Land” before we see Kim Sung Cheol singing passionately at a piano in “to. Jenny.”

Hilariously, the clip then shows a meme of Jung Hyung Don with the caption, “Why are you there?” A message tells viewers that if they’re curious about who Kim Sung Cheol is, they should watch the show!

“to. Jenny” follows Park Jung Min as he meets his first love Kwon Na Ra again after 10 years and tries to win her heart. Kim Sung Cheol first made his debut as an actor in musicals before he gained popularity through his role on “Prison Playbook,” and it looks like this drama will be the perfect opportunity for him to show off his talents.

“to. Jenny” will air its first episode on July 10 at 11:10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

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