Director Of “Student A” Praises EXO’s Suho And His Work Ethic

The director of “Student A” recently sat down for an interview with media outlet Herald Business and revealed how the production staff came to work with the actors who starred in the film.

During the interview, director Lee Kyung Seob talked about the casting process for the role of Jae Hee, which was played by Suho.

He shared, “At first we thought we should pick an actor who fit the age range [of the character] in the original work.” This thought changed throughout discussions and the director explained, “Rather than an actor in that age range, we started to want to find someone that may be older but with the right image.” Lee Kyung Seob talked about how he saw a photo of Suho, who had his hair dyed blonde for EXO promotions, at the time, and shared, “We made the unanimous decision to cast Suho.”

The director also praised Suho for his work ethic. Lee Kyung Seob commented, “When I first met him after we decided to cast him, I felt a very strong passion for acting from him. He also had a lot of affection for the film. He came already having thought a lot about the film and the character. After we went over the script, I was surprised at how he would approach me when he had questions or parts he couldn’t figure out and we talked them out together. I think it was because he poured a lot of passion and effort into Jae Hee that we were able to make such a character. I saw a lot of potential in him to become a bright, great actor.”

In addition to “Student A,” Suho recently starred in MBN’s “Rich Man, Poor Woman.” He will also be acting in musical “The Man Who Laughs” beginning July.

If you haven’t already, watch Suho in “Rich Man, Poor Woman” from the very beginning below!

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