Yoon Shi Yoon Is A 5-Time Convicted Criminal In “Your Honor”

The first stills have been released for the new drama “Your Honor”!

“Your Honor” tells the story of a delinquent judge who starts to pass satisfying judgements not found in the law. The drama is already gathering interest for having a serious, heavy message at the same time as being thrillingly fun.

In the center of the interest gathered for “Your Honor” is actor Yoon Shi Yoon. With each project he participates in, he brings in much praise for showcasing his own color and charms in the works. Yoon Shi Yoon will take a complete 180° turn from his current image and show his greatest acting transformation in “Your Honor.”

In the photos, Yoon Shi Yoon is in a dark place, intensely writing something on a piece of paper. He displays a transformed image with a tattoo of an angel lined up his right arm and “ANGLE” written underneath. Both the look in his eyes and his expression are sharp and full of attitude. Yoon Shi Yoon will take on the role of Han Kang Ho, a low-life criminal who has been convicted five times. Han Kang Ho lives life with the motto of “life is just living through today, and whether you live well or live life on the edge, there’s no tomorrow.” A figure perceived lowly by others, Han Kang Ho comes to becomes a judge through a chain of events.

Many are anticipating Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting transformation and how he will portray this new, gritty role.

SBS’ “Your Honor” will bring together screenwriter Chun Sung Il and producing director (PD) Boo Sung Chul. It is scheduled to air its first episode on July 25 following the conclusion of “The Undateables” and will be available on Viki.

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