Watch: “Produce 48” Trainees Show Diverse Charms In First Self-Cam Video

Mnet’s “Produce 48” released the first self-cam video relayed by Park Hae Yoon, Matsui Jurina, Son Eun Chae, and Goto Moe.

In the video, the trainees reveal what they’re doing behind the scenes of their profile photo shoot. They practice their poses as well as play games with each other. Some of the girls turn into winking fairies and show off their winks to the camera.

In one corner of the room, some of the Japanese trainees are studying Korean. Nakano Ikumi shows off what she learned so far, such as how to say “good job” and “thank you for the food.” When asked to say something to the Korean fans, she said, “I’ll do my best to study Korean, so please teach me!”

Other Japanese trainees take silly pictures, with one of them posing prettily while the others make funny faces. However, they all point to one trainee who makes a cute face rather than a humorous one. Nakanishi Chiyori puffs up her face to show an example of what a silly expression should look like, but when her peers comment on her cuteness, she becomes flustered and says in surprise, “That was an unexpected response.”

During Goto Moe’s self-cam, she befriends Korean trainee Lee Si An. Lee Si An states, “This is our first time talking, but Goto Moe is so bright and fun, and I think that’s similar to me, so I want to get closer to her.” She struggles to say “I want to be friends with you” in Japanese, and eventually, she just says “I want you,” catching Goto Moe off guard. They hold hands at the end as they promise to become friends.

Check out the trainees’ bonding time below!

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