Watch: Kim Sung Cheol And DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon’s Get Funny In New “to. Jenny” Teasers

Additional teasers were released giving insight into Kim Sung Cheol and DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon’s characters in KBS 2TV’s upcoming music drama “to. Jenny.”

The first preview focuses on Jung Chaeyeon’s character Kwon Na Ra. The clip starts off by showing Kwon Na Ra looking pretty and smiling with a voice in the background talking about how nice she is. However, the mood shifts half way through and shows Kwon Na Ra being more tough and daring unlike her sweet appearance.

The second preview shows Kim Sung Cheol’s character Park Jung Min. The scene opens up with Park Jung Min’s mom asking Kwon Na Ra what she thinks of her son. His mom mentions how his type of face is rare which prompts him to say, “You once said that I was the best looking guy in the world.” Seeing that he’s upset, his mom tells him she was just trying to lighten the mood and to not take it seriously.

“to. Jenny” follows the story of Park Jung Min who is hopelessly in love and trying to win over Kwon Na Ra with the only thing he knows how to do – making music.

“to. Jenny” will air on July 10 at 11:10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.