MAMAMOO’s Wheein Apologizes For Reference To Typhoon Prapiroon

MAMAMOO’s Wheein made an apology for her reference to Typhoon Prapiroon in an online post about the group’s latest song “Rainy Season.”

On July 1, Wheein uploaded a photo of herself and a message that read, “Listening to ‘Rainy Season’ with Prapiroon.” Typhoon Prapiroon recently unleashed heavy flooding and strong winds to southern Japan and South Korea. Some people found her post inappropriate and criticized her for not being considerate about the damages inflicted by the typhoon.

On July 4, Wheein officially apologized, “Hello, this is Wheein. I would like to express my apologies to everyone who was hurt and uncomfortable by my foolish and careless writing. From now on, I will try to think more cautiously and carefully.”

MAMAMOO is currently preparing to release “Red Moon” on July 16.

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