20 Stylish K-Pop Stars To Inspire Your Fashion Feed Goals On Instagram

These days, Instagram has become the universal go-to tool for all kinds of inspiration, whether in travel, fashion, food, beauty, or lifestyle (among many others). Another great thing about it is that it opens more opportunities for celebrities to reach out to their fans and get closer to them through personal posts that show what they’re up to.

Fans also get to have a glimpse of their hobbies, tastes, close interactions, behind-the-scenes happenings, and their awesome outfits. In no particular order, check out these K-pop stars who show that not only do they have a great sense of style, but they also have diverse interests that we don’t usually see on-cam.

Note: This is not, however, the ultimate list of stylish K-pop stars, as some of them are currently inactive on the ‘Gram (like the case of fashion list staples G-Dragon, Zico, etc.) or others who simply don’t have a personal account.

WINNER’s Song Mino

How do you even begin to describe Mino’s style? Whether it’s street, sporty, hip hop, or a little bit of everything, one thing’s for sure: he is fashion forward and only he can pull it off.

Instagram: @realllllmino


Being the creative director of her own fashion brand, Blanc and Eclare, Jessica reflects her signature style everywhere she goes. She has an enviable wardrobe of simple and elegant investment pieces, as well as perfect travel OOTDs. You can also follow her as she sits front row in all the major fashion shows and events. Check out more of her classy styles here.

Instagram: @jessica.syj

Sandara Park

Dara just got back from Paris after watching some fashion shows, and she was all dressed up and ready for the street photographers. But in her down time, she likes to go street casual with designer items that are fresh off the runways.

Instagram: @daraxxi


If you need a crash course and inspo on how to pose with ultra confidence, HyunA’s Instagram page should be on top of your list. She’s sexy and sassy, yet whenever she goes live on Insta, she shows that she’s still down-to-earth and has a great sense of humor!

Instagram: @hyunah_aa


Dean’s Instagram feed is artistic more than anything. He has his own unique perspective, and on occasions when he shows what he’s wearing, it’s guaranteed to be just as distinct and stylish.

Instagram: @deantrbl


CL is a designer’s dream muse. From head to toe, she can make not only designer items look incredibly chic, but practically anything she wears can look like a million bucks.

Instagram: @chaelincl


Heize is not only winning with her cool vocals and hit songs, but she’s also on top when it comes to style. She shows a variety of edgy, street, and feminine outfits that are anything but boring. Anyone following her will certainly get excited to see what she’s going to wear next!

Instagram: @heizeheize

T-ara’s Qri

Another star with fashion feed goals is Qri, who can show you different ways on how to style your wardrobe for a variety of Insta-worthy daily looks.

Instagram: @qtfreet

EXO’s Kai

Kai deactivated his account for a while, but luckily for us, he started it again; this time with fresh looks and an inside peek at his shoots and latest fashion show guest appearances.

Instagram: @zkdlin


Even though she’s quite new to Instagram, Jennie is already showing her fashion prowess either in her casual days or in her magazine shoots and designer brand commercials. She also posts Polaroid shots that have a more moody and artistic feel.

Instagram: @jennierubyjane

SHINee’s Key

Key is another fashion king who is able to mix and match unexpected pieces which somehow look well put together. He also likes to post photos of him and his bandmates plus close friends in his label SM Entertainment.

Instagram: @bumkeyk

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon

Siwon looks like he stepped out fresh from a GQ Magazine styling and grooming page with his simple yet gentlemanly style. He even looks good in his jogging clothes. But what’s even more worth your time when you scroll through his feed is his advocacies and work for UNICEF, where he is actively involved in campaigning noteworthy causes.

Instagram: @siwonchoi


Sunmi always updates her followers with a “mirrorfie” of her daily looks right before she goes out her door. She also posts about her favorite makeup, bags, shoes, and other “it” items.

Instagram: @miyayeah

Apink’s Son Naeun

Naeun has a classic, elegant style that most girls would find easy to relate to. She always keeps her looks minimal and chic.

Instagram: @marcellasne_

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Sooyoung is another star who has an elegant style. With her tall height and model-like features, she always looks great in everything.

Instagram: @hotsootuff

EXO’s Sehun

Sehun is another designer favorite because of his effortlessly cool style. He even makes pajamas look trendy!

Instagram: @oohsehun

Girl’s Day’s Yura

For some of the best travel OOTDs and locations, Yura’s page is the place to be. When she’s not filming or promoting with her group, she can be found vacationing and discovering exotic places.

Instagram: @yura_936

Kim Jaekyung

Jaekyung is the epitome of the comfortable girl-next-door style in her off-duty days, but when it comes to attending fashion shows and events, she always brings it on.

Instagram: @_kimjaekyung_

T-ara’s Hyomin

Hyomin posts different looks that are always pretty with statement key pieces like unique earrings or bags which make her outfits more interesting.

Instagram: @hyominnn


Mingyu also likes to document his outfits via “mirrorfies” but what’s interesting about him is that he posts menswear sketches and illustrations that show his flair for style!

Instagram: @min9yu_k

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DianneP_Kim is an English magazine and online writer and former stylist based in South Korea. Follow her Korean adventures at instagram.com/dianne_panda.

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