3 Key Points From “Your House Helper” To Help Clean Up Your Life

KBS 2TV’s “Your House Helper,” an adaptation of a webtoon of the same name, is about a perfect male house helper who helps to professionally empty and clean out the chaotic homes, crazy lives, and the complicated minds of several women.

In anticipation of the premiere of “Your House Helper” airing. here are three key points to help clean up your life!

1. Youth: The Fresh Actors’ Activities

This generation’s youth who work overtime for the position of full-time jobs and suffer from unrequited crushes. Producing director Jung Sung Hyo said, “I wanted the viewers to relate as if it were their problems as well. I wanted to portray it brightly and full of life.” Ha Seok Jin, WJSN’s Bona, Lee Ji Hoon, Go Won Hee, Jun Soo Jin, and Seo Eun Ah also represent the realities of the youth in this drama. Bona, known for being a cheerful acting-idol; Lee Ji Hoon, with his steady acting; Go Won Hee, who shows new charms with every work; Jeon Soo Jin, who has gone through an image transformation; and Seo Eun Ah, who is a great actress, meet with Ha Seok Jin, who will lead “Your House Helper,” to do well in this drama.

2. Life: Life Learned Through Housekeeping

Cleaning, doing the laundry, cooking, and washing dishes are necessary housekeeping duties. This is because if we do not do these things for even one day, our lives do not run smoothly. Kim Ji Woon (played by Ha Seok Jin) will find women whose homes and lives have become dirty and help give some housekeeping tips, while also trying to deliver the meaning of life. For example, Ji Woon’s life tips about laundry, and the order of cleaning one’s house, has the power of housekeeping that brings comfort, as well as courage and hope. It will be interesting to see how Ji Woon’s philosophy — that “housekeeping is a work that will soon save lives” — will change the lives of viewers.

3. Healing: We Will Tidy Up Your Mind

PD Jung Sun Hyo revealed, “The fun and emotional point of our drama is when the clients see their chaotic, dirty homes become clean, and their faces just light up with happiness.” The female clients who request help from Ji Woon in the drama all have some problems that deal with the matters of their minds. However, as he begins to help clean and their daily routines change, they experience the magic of their lives also beginning to change. The process of cleaning their homes results in cleaning up their minds. The drama plans to showcase all the characters who begin to clean up the mess they have ignored for a long time slowly healing their individual pain in the most comfortable place — their homes.

“Your House Helper” airs on every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it on Viki!

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