Ha Ji Won To Come Back In Spy Thriller Drama

On July 5, it was confirmed that Ha Ji Won would play the lead role in the upcoming drama, “Prometheus.”

Ha Ji Won will play an intelligence officer that goes on an undercover mission for the denuclearization of North Korea. Known for her acting and action, as well as her one-of-a-kind charisma, Korea’s representative actress Ha Ji Won and the drama “Prometheus” are gathering expectations for pioneering a new spy movie that cannot usually be found in Korean dramas.

A source from the “Prometheus” production staff said, “Actress Ha Ji Won has been confirmed to play the role of Chae Eun Seo, an intelligence officer who leads Team 2 towards North Korea. From even the beginning stages of the production of the drama, we made the character while thinking of Ha Ji Won, so her image remains intact in the character. We ask for the support and interest of the viewers.”

With the foothold of the current state of international affairs that has seen denuclearization starting to begin with the 2018 North Korea–United States and South Korea–North Korea summits, “Prometheus” is a drama that comes from the idea of central scientists that deal with denuclearization. The North Korean scientists are sent overseas but disappear while being repatriated during the process of denuclearization.

The “Prometheus” production staff continued, “We worked on the planning and scriptwriting of the drama for around two years. Casting for actors that fit the characters well is in progress. We hope people will look forward to the cast line-up on top of the great casting of Ha Ji Won for ‘Prometheus.’ We will work hard to introduce a solid and new drama.”

“Prometheus” is scheduled to air at the end of the year, while more actors in the cast line-up will be announced one by one.

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