Update: Jeong Sewoon Reveals Music Preview For Upcoming Mini Album “Another”

Updated July 20 KST:

Jeong Sewoon has dropped a music preview for each of the tracks from his upcoming mini “Another,” to be released on July 23!

Take a listen here:

Updated July 19 KST:

Jeong Sewoon’s MV teaser for “20 Something” is now here!

Check out a sneak peek of his upcoming music video below.

Updated July 18 KST:

Jeong Sewoon is gearing up for a comeback, and he’s now shared a new short film!

As he’s done before for his previous mini albums, Jeong Sewoon is giving a glimpse of his concept and a preview of his new music with a short film. The film released on July 18 is titled “Another Film: Jeong Sewoon 20 Favorite Things,” and is addressed to his fans Lucky.

Jeong Sewoon’s new mini album “Another,” featuring the title track “20 Something,” is due out on July 23.

Check out his film below!

Updated July 16 KST:

Jeong Sewoon’s track list for “Another” is now out!

His mini album will feature the title track “20 Something,” produced by himself and MeloMance’s Jeong Dong Hwan. The lyrics were written by Jeong Sewoon and Brother Su. It will also include five other new songs.

Updated July 15 KST:

Jeong Sewoon has announced the answer to his second sudoku teaser!

According to his official Twitter account, the answer to the second teaser is “Something.” One of the hashtags on the tweet reads “#20Something,” which may mean that the name of Jeong Sewoon’s upcoming title track is indeed “Twenty-something.”

Check out the answer below:

Updated July 15 KST:

A second sudoku teaser has been released for Jeong Sewoon’s comeback!

Check it out below:

Updated July 14 KST: 

Jeong Sewoon has revealed the answer to his puzzle and the title track of his album!

According to his official Twitter account, the puzzle spells out “JSW Twenty,” suggesting that “Twenty” will be the title track of his upcoming comeback.

Jeong Sewoon’s new album, “Another,” will be released on July 23.

Updated July 14 KST:

Jeong Sewoon has fans guessing with an interesting puzzle!

As a teaser for his upcoming comeback, Jeong Sewoon has posted a Sudoku puzzle that holds the hints to what his title track will be!

Can you figure it out?

Updated July 12 KST:

Jeong Sewoon has shared a new teaser for “Another”!

Updated July 11 KST:

The first photo teaser has been revealed for Jeong Sewoon’s upcoming comeback!

Updated July 10 KST:

Jeong Sewoon has shared a schedule for his comeback!

The schedule shows that ahead of the release of “Another” on July 23, he’ll be sharing many teasers staring with a first photo teaser on July 11.

Original Article: 

Jeong Sewoon has dropped a teaser for his solo comeback this month!

On July 9 at midnight KST, the idol shared an image that features his name, the word “another,” the phrase “coming soon,” and the date “July 23, 2018.” He also revealed his new release would drop at 6 p.m. KST on the given day.

He previously confirmed that he was preparing to release a new album at the end of this month. This will mark Jeong Sewoon’s first solo album in six months since “Part.2 After” and its title track “Baby It’s U.” He has also released OSTs for “Wok of Love” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” this year.

The idol also formed the project group YDPP with Lee Gwang Hyun, and MXM’s Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun earlier this year, and they released “Love It Live It” together.

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