4 Easy Tips To Get That Camera-Ready, Classic Look For Any Formal Event

The funny thing about formal events is that you may have a bajillion ideas on what to do beforehand (Time to organize all those saved images on Instagram), but when it comes to the actual day of the event, sometimes our minds go blank. Especially when you haven’t made up your mind regarding your hair or other important things like accessories.

Whether you’re getting ready for a wedding reception, thinking of beauty looks for next year’s prom, or you’re already thinking of back-to-school make up looks, here are four easy tips that you can apply to any makeup look for a formal, classic event regardless of what you wear! (Because you know, we all like simple things).

Focus on achieving an even skin tone 

First things first: make sure to focus on evening out your skin tone. Eye shadow shades and lip colors might seem more fun to focus on, but a smoothed-out, even skin tone will really create the base for everything else, so it’s something that you don’t want to skimp out on.

Invest in some quality primer, color correction concealers, a sturdy foundation, powder, and a good sponge to cover any redness, dark spots, or pigmentation you may have on your skin. One method is to apply powder over the places where you’ve applied color-correction concealer, and then apply another layer of the concealer over the powdered area before putting on your regular concealer.

Contouring is key

Whether it be your jawline, your eyelids, or your nose, make sure to contour! Skilled photographers these days may have the skills to make tiny edits in terms of color, but it’s important to have control over what shadows you want to stand out on your face. You never know when people are going to be taking photos of you during these formal events, so don’t forget to use neutral eyeshadow colors to create shadows on your eyelids, and be intentional about choosing good bronzers to warm up your cheeks. That way, you have at least a small idea of what you’ll look like once the camera snaps!

Enhance your natural features

When it comes to a classic, camera-ready look, less is more. Especially if you want to stun people with an fancy outfit, you want your face to appear clean, fresh, and classic. Try going with products that will make your face naturally glow. For example, rather than a dark, smokey eye-makeup, you might want to go for a warm-toned, fancy gold eye shadow. The glittery gold paired with some good old contouring allows for you to look your best, while still looking like yourself. This look also gives you freedom to choose any kind of lip color to match whatever outfit you’re wearing that day!

But bold up your brows

That being said, don’t forget about your brows. While the other parts of your makeup should be more natural, brows are the one thing that you don’t want to pass on. Take the color that is most similar to your current hair color and apply it to your brows. Clean up the edges of your brows using concealer to achieve a crisp outline. This can take more time, but when done well, it can really frame your face. Take the extra time to make your brows stand out.

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