BTS Fans Find Possible Hint For Something Coming In August

ARMY is back in investigation mode after the release of what seems to be a new clue about BTS’s upcoming plans!

Last summer, BTS began hinting at what would become a part of the concept for “Love Yourself” with a series of clues that included a selfie of Jin with flowers called “Smeraldo” (which is not a real type of flower), and the opening of a florist’s blog with the name “Flower Smeraldo.” The florist character’s name is Testesso, which is close to a translation of “Yourself” in Italian. The blog also included text that fans would later learn is the title of BTS’ song “The Truth Untold” on “Love Yourself: Tear.”

At the time, the blog announced that the flower shop would be opening in September. BTS later made a comeback on September 18 with their mini album “Love Yourself: Her” and its title track “DNA.”

Last week, fans learned they needed to be ready for something coming when the flower shop blog had a makeover with a new header. Things got even more exciting on July 10, when a new first post was added to the blog. The post is dated a year after the first one was published on July 10, 2017.

While the majority of the content of the first blog post remains the same as the one last year, there’s one big difference that has been getting ARMY excited: It announces that the flower shop will be opening in late August!

When the blog post link was tweeted, it also included the hashtag “Playing Card” in English and Korean. In addition, fans noticed that a conference that the florist talks about was originally called “FLOWER 2012,” while it’s now “Annual Flower Conference.”

ARMY has linked the changes to the blog with content from BTS’s “Love Yourself” highlight reels, recent tweets, and more!

BTS will be opening their “Love Yourself” world tour on August 25 and 26 in Seoul. They’ll then go on to perform at stops in the United States, Canada, and Europe, with the next concert after Seoul being on September 5 in Los Angeles. More dates are to be announced later on.

What’s your theory about what BTS has got planned?