MYTEEN Shares Helpful Advice They Received From VIXX’s N, Who Created Choreography For Their Comeback Track

With VIXX’s N choreographing the dance for MYTEEN’s new track, the group said he gave them lots of good advice!

MYTEEN made their return on July 10 with their new track “SHE BAD” off the mini album “F;UZZLE.” MYTEEN has worked with N before, as he also choreographed their b-side track “Take It Out” from their 2017 debut album.

MYTEEN’s Kim Kookheon expressed their gratitude to N at a press conference on July 10. He said, “VIXX’s N created the choreography for our title track this time as well. The choreography is polished and sexy.”

Chunjin said, “N took great care of us. We were invited to go to VIXX’s concert as well, and there was a lot for us to learn so it was a good experience.”

He went on to describe some of the advice that they received from N. He said, “He was a great help to us because he told us things like, ‘You have to be very sexy,’ and said that the most important thing of all is to do it well.”

Lee Taevin said, “N told us that while the choreography is important, our expressions are important too. So instead of scowling in a scary way, we’re smiling while performing. He advised us that smiling would be something that would make peoples’ hearts race.”

When asked what they’ve done to prepare for this comeback, leader Eunsu said he’s been working out to appear more manly. He added, “I’ve been watching performances by SHINee’s Taemin and BTS to study their gestures. I tried to learn from Taemin’s sexy qualities.”

Check out MYTEEN’s music video for “SHE BAD” here!

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