6 Makeup & Hair Tips That Will Help You Kill It During Job Interviews

You’ve found the job or internship that you want. You’ve agonized over the ad, crafted the perfect resume, and added your own unique touch to the cover letter — and got the interview. You want to look your absolute best. So now what?

Find the look that says “you”:

First off, don’t work too hard on impressing the employer. This might seem like contrary advice, but you need to find the outfit and look that makes you feel the most comfortable in your own skin. This will make you much more confident in your interview — and, in the end, confidence is your very best makeup.


Don’t change your look too much.

Don’t change your look too much — instead, stick to your normal makeup look and polish up. Give yourself some extra time to get ready and perfect your eyeliner or smooth out any uneven foundation spots. Go for the mascara you sometimes skip on slow days. If you’re forgetful, lay out your things the night before or write ’em down in a list.


Go for happy hair.

What makes your hair happiest? Hair can be a good sign of hygiene, so take a little more care of it the day before to ensure it won’t decide to rebel on your big day. If your hair benefits from a good wash or a blow-dry, shower the morning of your interview. You can give it a little extra TLC by adding nutrients to your hair with a hair mask — the K-beauty world does indeed have everything. The coveted Tony Moly Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack is an excellent choice…

Tony Moly

And you can finish off with a refreshing hair mist on the day of. Try Etude House’s Silk Scarf Hair Mist.

Etude House

Next rule of thumb: make sure whatever hairstyle you go with works with the natural texture of your hair. Does it have a tendency to be unruly in a bun? Leave it down (unless you’re going for the messy bun look).


Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof makeup.

One word: waterproof makeup. If you’ve got a choice between the two, go for the sweat-proof and fidget-proof makeup. For an awesome waterproof mascara that will sharpen your lashes and your game during the interview, you can try Tony Moly’s Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara. Major bonus: It doesn’t clump (you can get the super cute limited summer edition here). Looking for a cheaper alternative? Try Missha’s 4D mascara, which is inexpensive but creates some wickedly long-looking lashes.

Tony Moly

If your makeup isn’t waterproof but you’d die switching to a different brand, consider buying a setting spray, like the Milani “Make It Last” setting spray, which is both cheap and crazy effective.


Eliminate your dark circles.

Say goodbye to dark circles. Luckily, Koreans are pretty good at tamping down on this issue, and there are eye creams, lightening products, and mask products just for under the eye, like Etude House’s collagen eye patch.

Etude House

If you’re pressed for time and you don’t have the ability to get any of these things, two quick at home remedies are tea bags or anything cool, such as cucumber slices, moist towels, etc.


Pull out the blush and the bronzer.

Don’t skip your blush or bronzer. It’s the perfect way to bring life to your face and ensure an energetic look during your interview. Be conservative — your application shouldn’t look obvious, and make sure you go for a natural look. If you feel like red blush or bronzer doesn’t suit you, try a peach-toned blush. It’s a popular Korean trick for creating a warmer and more natural complexion.

You’ll also want a cheek tint, or cream blusher, instead of a powder blush for a quality no-makeup makeup look. There are a million different styles online, like the Peripera cushion blusher, the Berrisom oops! tint, and the 3 Concept Eyes cream blusher.


All in all?

Overall, stick to a makeup style that’s fresh and clean, but still you. Don’t forget to brighten up your face and hair. Last but not least: be yourself! With these cute tips, you’re sure to kill it in the interview.


Ariana K. Welsh is a college student who spends most of her time obsessing over K-dramas with her sister, dancing to loud music, and writing into the wee hours of the night. Her current fave things in life are: snow, Waldeinsamkeit by R.W. Emerson, and Butterbeer. Follow her on Instagram for all these things and more!

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