MYTEEN Dishes On “MIXNINE” And Wishes To Become Sexy Men

MYTEEN have finally made their comeback after a year!

On July 10, MYTEEN held their comeback showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam in celebration of the group’s second mini album “F;UZZLE (Puzzle).” Hosted by MC Ding Dong, the members held a performance for their B-side track and talked about the musical parts to their album.

First, in response to making a comeback after a year, the leader, Eunsu said, “It feels as if we’re debuting as much as we’re coming back [with a new album]. I’m that nervous, but I hope you can view us lovingly.”

MYTEEN’s 2nd mini album is a combination of the concepts “Fascinated,” “Feature,” and “Find,” and holds the meaning of “finding the puzzle that is MYTEEN’s charms.”

“SHE BAD” is an EDM-based pop track with a moderate, impactful drum and bass line. The song portrays the feelings of someone wanting to make a charismatic person their own.

The group also mentioned that VIXX’s N choreographed the dance for their title track, the second time that the two have worked together. They expressed their gratitude for his great help as a senior in the industry.

Members Shin Junseop and Eunsu participated in the songwriting and composition for this album, just as they had for their debut album. Shin Junseop helped write the lyrics for the title song “SHE BAD,” while Eunsoo himself produced “Pretty.”

In regards to this, Eunsu revealed his dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter as he stated, “It’s an honor. Later, I want to produce MYTEEN albums, and I’d like the chance to gift the tracks I make to my juniors.”

Member Xiheon also changed his stage name to his real name, Kim Kook Heon. He had previously participated in JTBC’s “MIXNINE” and even placed first out of 170 people during the selection match showcase. He was also able to show off his vocal skills during the final live-stage episode.

In response to questions of MIXNINE, Kim Kook Heon said, “I was able to become very motivated.” Shin Junseop, who also participated in the reality show, commented, “Rather than feeling disappointed, because there were so many talented seniors and juniors, I was more happy that I was able to learn a lot from it. Of course, I do feel some disappointment, but I feel more thankful that I was able to gain more experience performing on stage.”

The members continued to say that their goal for this comeback was hearing from others, “[They’ve] dropped their lively image and have come back as sexy men!” They also hoped many people would become fans of them through this album release.

Check out MYTEEN’s music video for “SHE BAD” here!

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