First Lady Kim Jung Sook Shows Adorable Love For K-Pop At Event With SNUPER

First Lady Kim Jung Sook surprised SNUPER, performers, and the audience at K-pop Contest India 2018.

On July 9, SNUPER was invited as judges for the K-pop Contest India 2018 which was held in New Delhi, India. They also performed a special stage for the fans in attendance.

South Korean First Lady Kim Jung Sook, who came to observe the contest, met and spoke with SNUPER. The Blue House posted a video via Twitter showing her enjoying the performances and dancing on stage with the contestants. The message accompanying the video talked about the ability of music and dance to bring people of different languages and nationalities together. It ended with a positive message hoping the two countries would become closer through the power of culture.

Watch the full video below!

Through Twitter, SNUPER thanked the fans and shared how much they enjoyed the unforgettable performances and experience. They also wrote, “First Lady Kim Jung Sook who enjoyed K-pop together [with us], it was a great honor to meet you in India. Thank you for the warm greetings and encouragement.”

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