3 Important Things To Reflect On After “About Time” Finale

Through the “power of love,” Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung were able win over the countdown clock and have a happy ending in the last episode of “About Time.”


In the July 10 episode of tvN’s “About Time,” Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon) got into a car accident in place of Choi Michaela (Lee Sung Kyung), showing that he was willing to risk his life over love. However, some time later, Choi Michaela and Lee Do Ha were seen on a date as if nothing had happened. After the car accident, the two lovers’ countdown clocks disappeared and everything turned back to normal.

Choi Michaela, who overcame her time-limited life, thinks happily about the love calls she receives for a new project and Lee Do Ha also begins to work on a new musical as he gradually grows his business. Choi Michaela invites Lee Do Ha for a meal at her home, and he declares to his family that he will introduce them to Choi Michaela. The couple are able to have the best of both worlds, as they enjoy both their career and their relationship.

Oh So Nyeo (Kim Hae Sook) tells a curious Michaela the reason why her countdown clock had mysteriously disappeared. She compliments them by saying, “It was your love that made this miracle happen.” Lee Do Ha offers his own point of view as he says, “I think it was our hearts. We had enough desperation and urgency in our hearts to skip over the time given to us.”

After the last episode, here are three things to reflect on from “About Time.”

Love that won over fate, the “essence” of fantasy romance

Although the countdown clocks that increased the time of Choi Michaela’s clock while decreasing Lee Do Ha’s disturbed the couple greatly, the unchanging love between the “rescue couple” gained the support of many viewers. Lee Do Ha, who was reborn into the greatest “straightforward male lead,” and Choi Michaela, who had to avoid Do Ha to save him, made viewers unable to tear their eyes away. Through the warm ending where the couple was able to make their countdown clocks disappear due to their hearts that tried to protect each other, the essence of the fantasy romance that can win over fate was shown.

Pondering over the meaning of life

Through the device of the countdown clock that told the day of any person’s death, it showed the process of preparing for other people’s deaths ahead of time and calmly accepting that fact. Viewers had to watch as Lee Do Ha and Yoon Do San (Jung Moon Sung), who came to learn about how long he had left to live, try to do the things Yoon Do San had always wanted to do before his “D-Day.” A new meaning to death was seen when Oh So Nyeo threw a party-like gathering for her own funeral ahead of her death. Viewers were impressed and emotional at seeing Choi Michaela trying to do her best to live out her dreams of becoming a musical actress despite having a time-limited life.

The rediscovery of the actors… Their impressive performances full of sincerity shined bright!

“About Time” was a work that truly shined a light on the actors’ impressive performances. Lee Sang Yoon’s “straightforward instincts” directed at Choi Michaela, whenever and wherever, were constant “heart attack” warnings for viewers. Lee Sung Kyung made the small screen become “Choi Michaela-holics” for her acting that portrayed the unique sensibilities that came with knowing one’s time-limited life through the countdown clocks. Im Se Mi and Kim Dong Jun also gathered attention for their roles as the ambitious Bae Soo Bong who wanted Lee Do Ha for herself and the genius musical director Jo Jae Yoo. In addition, Kim Hae Sook, who played Choi Michaela’s mentor, Oh So Nyeo, and Na Young Hee, who played Choi Michaela’s mother, Jin Ra Hee, made the viewers laugh and cry with their seasoned performances. Older woman-younger man couple Han Seung Yeon and Kim Rowoon also received much love from the audiences for their adorable love line.

A source from the production crew said, “We were able to have a lovely ending to the drama through the actors’ impressive performances and the efforts of the staff that helped maintain the drama’s special identity. We give endless thanks to the viewers who supported Do Ha and Michaela’s ‘countdown clock romance,’ and hope ‘About Time’ remains in their memories as a bright moment that they want to stop.”

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