“Four Sons” Director And Actors Union Release Statements About Controversy Regarding Suspended Filming And Wages

More people have spoken up about the controversy surrounding the drama “Four Sons.”

“Four Sons” is a fantasy romance thriller starring Park Hae Jin and Nana that was being produced by producing director (PD) Jang Tae Yoo of “My Love From the Star.”

The drama recently made headlines for its unclear future due to unresolved issues such as suspension of filming and unpaid wages, and its production company Victory Contents released an official statement.

On July 11, PD Jang Tae Yoo responded to Victory Contents’s statement and clarified the truth with a post on his social media account.

He wrote, “The wages and service fees of the staff responsible for the filming, martial arts, special effects, editing, and more, including me, are still unpaid. In order to keep the competent shooting team, I paid three months of wages for the shooting team myself. The staff stated verbally and in writing multiple times that they would not be participating in production if they were not paid, and mutual trust was broken due to the unreliable response from the production company.”

He continued, “Many staff members officially sent certifications of contents regarding the non-payment, and this document is being shared amongst the staff members. So, the claim that the unpaid wages were not the cause for the discontinuation of the drama is different from the truth.”

The PD added, “I suffered extreme stress from the dispute with Victory Contents and visited a hospital at the urging of people around me who said I needed treatment and rest. I’m now recovering as time passes, and will work hard to create a better project with improved health.”

He concluded, “If Victory Contents makes a defamatory and different claim from the truth about me and the staff who participated in the drama ‘Four Sons,’ I will immediately hold a press conference and reveal the truth as it is.”

On the same day, the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union (KBAU) also released a statement related to this matter. A source from the organization said, “The recent issues plaguing ‘Four Sons’ are becoming a social issue. Victory Contents, Mountain Movement, PD Jang Tae Yoo, and other drama staff members are releasing conflicting statements regarding the suspension of the drama.”

The source continued, “One of the key issues of this incident is that of unpaid wages of actors and staff due to the suspension of the drama after the 34th shooting. It has been confirmed that actors in the labor union also participated in the production of this drama. As of right now, it’s not possible to know if the shooting can be resumed or if the wages can be paid.”

The source concluded, “The union has had a close eye on this situation since May and is trying to get the facts. In addition, we are preparing to respond promptly and strongly in case the situation worsens. If there are any union members who have questions regarding this, please contact the labor union. The Korean Broadcasting Actors Union will always strive for the development of broadcasting culture and the interest of our members.”

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