Watch: Golden Child Wows On “Weekly Idol” With Double Speed Challenge And Random Play Dance With INFINITE Songs

The July 11 episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” featured the show’s first “fan pick” idol group, Golden Child. The group received the most votes by viewers of the show as the next big group, and were thus invited to the show as the idols of the week.

The appearance comes just 10 months after Golden Child’s debut, making the group the fastest to land an appearance on the popular variety show.

Performing their recent comeback song “Let Me,” Golden Child impressed the MCs with their sharp choreography, and immediately followed up with an intense double speed performance of the already high-tempo song.

Still sweaty from the double speed challenge, the group went on to tackle Weekly Idol’s Random Play Dance, made up this week of their songs as well as their label mate INFINITE’s songs. Golden Child’s dances to the scrambled INFINITE songs are not without their hitches, however, and the group adorably apologizes to their seniors. Watch Golden Child’s Random Play Dance challenge below.