Watch: TWICE Asks Fans To “Dance The Night Away” In Choreography Video Filmed In New JYP Building

TWICE keeps things fun and carefree in a new choreography video for “Dance the Night Away“!

The video begins with all the members gathered in a circle in the dance studio at JYP Entertainment’s new building. Nayeon points to the camera and says, “We are going to shout ‘Fighting!’ for the first [take] of the choreography video.” The members go on to chant, “TWICE, TWICE, let’s do a good job!”

TWICE then gets into formation and shows off their upbeat choreography full of jumps, waves, and spins. In keeping with the breezy, summery vibe of the track, TWICE keeps their fun energy going until the very end of the song.

The video also gives fans a glimpse of the dance studio rooms at the new JYP building.

Watch the full choreography video below!