6 Best Sunscreens To Keep Your Skin Safe All Summer Long

I’m gonna be that annoying friend who tells you to wear sunscreen every single day of your life no matter if snow, rain, clouds, sun, or thunder storms show up; even more during summer as we spend more time outdoors and our skin is constantly exposed to UV rays, AKA skin-danger. But let’s face it, not every sunscreen fits every skin type, and there’s a few that feel sticky, oily, or leave an annoying white cast layer, reason why many just refrain from using them at all. For that reason, we rounded up some of the best Korean sunscreens out there for you to keep by your side all summer (and year) long.

MISSHA All Around Safe Block Essence Sun

This Missha sunscreen is an all-time favorite for a reason. Not only does its texture come out light and spread easily, but it feels more like a lotion, so it’s perfect for those who are not into the regular sunscreen texture. Its advanced double layer polymer system makes this a super long-lasting formula that stays in place for longer through water, heat, and sweat so you don’t have to worry about it melting on your face (re-applying is a must though, for this or any sunscreen). If you’re more of a dry skin kind of person, this one will also hydrate and nourish your skin thanks to its blend of natural plant extracts, so extra points for that.

CosRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

Acne prone, sensitive skin fellas out there? This is the sunscreen for you. CosRX prides itself for their incredibly gentle products that help get rid of acne, spots, and sensitivity while keeping your skin calm and soothed. This Aloe Soothing Sunscreen blocks UV rays while moisturizing your skin thanks to the aloe in it. Fun fact? Aloe has been used as a super rich and extremely moisturizing ingredient for millenniums, and it’s not only anti-aging, but also soothing and calming, reason why it makes perfect sense for a sunscreen. Best part? Its formula is non-sticky and 100 percent free of oils, so it applies easily and will not cause greasy spots or breakouts.

Jayjun Anti-Dust Aqua Sun Block

This anti-aging and brightening sunscreen is truly an all-skin-types holy grail. It doesn’t only prevent UV rays from going deep inside your skin, but also protects it from external environment, toxins, and dirt flying around in the air. The formula looks and smells very similar to western ones — kind of like a coconuty aroma — but the difference comes once you spread it. Imagine a layer of natural highlighter all over your face… well, that’s exactly what this sunscreen does for you. If your skin is on the dull, dry side, this is going to give you that glow you’re missing.

Dr. Jart UV Sunscreen

A sunscreen that keeps me from aging, protects my skin from UV rays, and helps brighten and color correct my skin tone? Give me 100, please. Dr. Jart is a strong player in the sunscreen game, carrying many different types for different concerns. From their wide line of SPFs, this one is an audience’s favorite and with good reasons. It’s soothing, it protects sun-irritated and sensitive skin, it moisturizes, it prevents dryness, it goes well under makeup, and last but not least, the subtle peach-beige color in it helps even out your skin tone, so it kind of acts like a concealer too. Now talk about an all-in-one product.

Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen

Sensitive skin you said? Let me introduce you to your new best friend. This super lightweight sunscreen stands out for how quickly and easily it absorbs into the skin. It contains titanium dioxide, which blocks UV rays without leaving a white cast, and it’s formulated with ingredients such as rose, honey, and raspberry to nourish and calm skin. Another benefit? It goes great under makeup, so if you’re looking for a good sunscreen that will pair nicely with your foundation, BB cream, or cushion, this is the one.

Goodal Mild Protect Natural Filter

This is another holy grail and here’s why: it works for everyone and anyone. If you’re on the sensitive skin side, if your skin’s texture is uneven, if you have sun spots, if you have wrinkles, if you have dry, oily, or combo skin, this Goodal sunscreen will fit your skin’s needs. Its very simple yet powerful formula containing ingredients such as fermented prickly pear (protects skin from the effects of sun damage), aloe (soothing), hyaluronic acid, and collagen (to store and retain moisture) makes this the perfect choice for those recently jumping onto the sunscreen wagon.

Do you wear sunscreen everyday? If so, what’s your all time favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of your (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-Beauty trends, testing idols’ skincare routines or doing #masKaraoke. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter 

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