RBW To Debut Two New Boy Groups In Second Half Of 2018

MAMAMOO’s agency RBW will be launching two new boy groups in the second half of 2018!

On July 13, a source from RBW revealed, “In the second half of 2018, boy groups ‘ONEUS’ and ‘ONEWE’ will make their debut. ‘ONEUS’ are the ‘RBW Boys’ who prepared for their idol group debut, while ‘ONEWE’ are an idol band. Although the musical styles of the two teams are different, they are brother groups who have grown close after practicing together for a long time. They will create a single story and are preparing for their debut during the latter half of 2018.”

RBW’s first boy group ONEUS combines the “Us” in “You Make Us” and “One” to create “ONEUS.” The name holds the meaning that, “[ONEUS] will show the ‘Us’ that becomes ‘One’ when gathering each person’s individual strengths.”

ONEUS will have six members. This includes former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants Keonhee (Lee Gun Hee) and Hwanwoong (Yeo Hwan Woong), former “MIXNINE” contestants Seoho (Lee Gun Min) and Ravn (Kim Young Jo), and Leedo and Xion.

For boy band ONEWE, the name originates from the combination of the “We” in “We Shine On You” and “One.” It means “through the power that ‘We’ have of shining a light on the world, [ONEWE] will become ‘One.'”

The five members of ONEWE include Yonghoon (vocals), Kanghyun (guitar), Harin (drums), Dongmyeong (keyboard), and Cya (bass). They had previously participated in “The Unit” as “MAS.”

The two teams put on six sold-out shows in the beginning of November 2017 through a debut project titled “RBW Trainee Real Life – We Will Debut,” creating a close fandom early on.

Both teams were acknowledged as idols with amazing singing and performance skills, performance technique, and stage manners through these performances.

Watch their debut trailers here!

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