10 Ways KARD Captivated Us With Their Overflowing Charisma

While they may not be the first co-ed K-pop group to exist, KARD surely put the concept back on the map. With a fresh and innovative attire, BM, J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo quickly snatched K-pop fans’ hearts since their very first pre-debut appearance with their radiant aura. Moreover, they have received notable attention overseas, which further validates their solid entrance into the music industry.

As their work earned them the Rookie Award at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards, this is only the beginning for a group that has secured a promising musical career. With their flawless appeal and their tropical style, which has been constantly setting our playlists on fire, we can’t help but get swooned by everything they deliver.

To celebrate their very first anniversary, here are 10 times KARD captivated us with their overflowing charisma!

1. KARD’s impressive debut song “Oh NaNa”

“Oh NaNa” is the co-ed group’s first wild card, and they didn’t hold back! The hit song surely made a name for KARD, as it spread like wildfire amongst the K-pop community and made everyone curious about this newest addition to the Korean music industry. The MV for “Oh NaNa” currently counts at 29 Million views, which is huge for a pre-debut song that basically introduced KARD’s unique signature!

Catch the spectacular live performance of the song as part of KARD’s official debut!

2. KARD’s special journey throughout “Secret KARD”

KARD’s imminent success is no secret to the general public as well as the media. On their reality show produced by Mnet, the quartet opened up to us during their much-anticipated “Wild KARD 2017 Tour” journey abroad. Throughout the documentary, we got to know a little bit about their cheerful personalities and determined attitudes, and of course we couldn’t simply ignore their meme-y characters!

Watch the members being their lively selves in the very first episode of “Secret KARD!”

3. Their amazing tours

Speaking of their 2017 tour, we all know that a concert alone is a huge deal for an artist, but talking about a tour for a group that hasn’t even debuted yet is truly mind-blowing. In fact, a total of five headlining tours took place in North America, Europe, and South America respectively. Furthermore, they managed to sell out the entire Brazil tour only a few hours after the ticket sales began. The experience itself was unforgettable and it beautifully showcased the amazing impact these individuals have abroad.

But that’s not all! The “Wild KARD” tour continues in 2018 with Asia being KARD’s first stop. Starting January, the concerts took place in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and ended in the Philippines. Later in April, KARD greeted their fans in Australia with two shows, and they will resume their tour in Latin America next fall.

None of this would’ve been possible if it weren’t for the continuously growing fandom worldwide, and KARD was sure to show their gratitude at the end of every concert. Listen to one of their ments that were met with fervent cheers by Hidden KARDs in the video below!

4. KARD’s funky performance on “Immortal Songs”

Needless to mention the obvious, but KARD’s live performances are truly exceptional! A set of hardcore rap, harmonious dance moves, and amazing vocals dominated the “Immortal Songs” stage and mesmerized the audience with their explosive swagger and their distinctive delivery.

5. KARD’s noteworthy presence at SXSW 2018

Part of KARD’s rising popularity overseas lies in them attending SXSW 2018 in the United States, where they performed at the music festival’s Korea Spotlight. Prior to their performance, they sat down for an exclusive interview where they genuinely expressed their thoughts about their music, fans, and more.

6. Somin and Jiwoo’s epic collaboration with Super Junior

We didn’t think we needed a KARD X Super Junior collaboration until we witnessed one! Aside from the original song, Super Junior also released another breathtaking “Lo Siento” version featuring Somin and Jiwoo. To actively promote the track, the girls joined the veteran group on music shows and delivered quite a collection of suave performances.

7. Somin x PENTAGON’s Hui on “Breakers”

Talk about a steamy collaboration! Somin featured in PENTAGON’s Hui stage performance of “Swim Good,” a song that the idol wrote to his future love interest. Alongside Hui, Somin gracefully displayed her dazzling glamour throughout the polished performance. Saying that this magnetic stage left us speechless is an understatement, so check out the sultry stage for yourselves!

8. Jiwoo’s cover of WINNER’s “Really Really”

The visual maknae flawlessly nails everything she does, from the smooth choreographies to the intense rap, and even the powerful vocal abilities. All of this can be found in her fiery cover of WINNER’s “Really Really” where she oozed with confidence while giving a killer performance!

9. J.Seph’s self-composed song

Creativity is a constant attribute to the mighty KARD’s list of talents! The charming member graced his fans with a self-written R&B track that he presented as part of his solo stage on the “Wild KARD” tour. His serenading performance left hidden KARDs in awe and unveiled what our devoted artist is capable of. J.Seph is indeed KARD’s ace!

10. BM’s solo dance performance

Aside from his rapper image and the mixtapes he keeps blessing us with, Matthew has also an eye for dancing, especially when it comes to freestyling. No words are enough to describe his fired up routines that never fail to make us go head over heels over his slick dance skills!

With their comeback being only a couple days away, KARD surely has a lot of hidden gems up their sleeves! One thing is for sure, the members have been playing their cards right every single time so far and we’re looking forward to whatever they’re bringing our way this Summer!

Hidden KARDs, are you ready to celebrate KARD’s first anniversary? How excited are you about the comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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