Kang Ji Young Candidly Opens Up About Difficulties She's Gone Through While Working In Japan

Kang Ji Young shared the hardships she has faced while becoming an actress in Japan.

It’s already been four years since the former KARA member has been active as an actress in Japan. She admitted, “To be honest, there are still many things I’m not used to, and if I’m about to get used to it, there’s still a barrier. The biggest barrier is language. But I have no problems living there because my fans support me.”

Kang Ji Young also added, “I also play the role of a Japanese person because I have to act. It’s not easy to do it when I think of it like that, but looking back on my fourth year, I think I’ve grown a lot. I’ve become accustomed to the Japanese language, and regarding that, I even want to praise myself. I think I still have a long way to go though. It wasn’t that easy because I didn’t grow up in Japan. After living here for four years through, I think I became accustomed to it a lot.”

When asked why she moved to Japan back then, Kang Ji Young replied, “I wasn’t planning on working in Japan [from the beginning].  I went there, not only because I met my agency now, but also because I was given work there. I also wanted to meet a new me in a new environment. I’m still young and in my twenties, but I thought I’d go with confidence to meet the new me. My parents aren’t people who tell me what to do, and they said they would support me if I go there.”

Kang Ji Young shared the hardships she experienced in Japan, saying, “The first couple of years were difficult. At first, I would tear up over anything minor. It was a path I had chosen, but I was lonely. My family wasn’t in Japan either, and I missed Korean food, too. After entering the entertainment world in Japan, [I realized] the culture was so different. [Japanese] people were very different from Korean people as well.”

When asked if she would make the same decision if she went back to four years ago, she answered, “If I go back to that time, I don’t think I’d regret working in either Korea or Japan. When I think about it now, I never regretted working in Japan. I met a different me in Japan, and I’m still creating [myself]. However, it’s not like I can’t do [that] in Korea either.”

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