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tvN’s hit drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has made viewers’ hearts race with some memorable and romantic kiss scenes!

The popular drama has been topping the Most Buzzworthy Dramas list for six weeks in a row, with actors Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young also dominating the No. 1 and 2 spots of the Most Buzzworthy Actors list. It also has taken first place in its time slot for ratings across all networks.

One of the most exciting aspects of the show is the chemistry between the two stars and the development of the characters’ romantic storyline. Check out four of the scenes that made viewers’ hearts race in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”!

1. A first attempt at a kiss, with a surprise ending

While the couple’s “first kiss” in episode five didn’t turn out quite as hoped, it was definitely unforgettable. With the pair working late at the office, Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) surprised Kim Mi So (played by Park Min Young) by confessing, “Kim Mi So, I want to sway you.” After the romantic line, he then touched his lips to hers. However, closing his eyes caused him to be hit by the traumatic memory of his kidnapping, and he reflexively pushed her away across the room in her office chair.

The lead-up to their kiss followed by the expression on Kim Mi So’s face as she was pushed away made this both a romantic and hilarious scene! It also brought the two characters into a new stage of their relationship.

2. Solving a problem with a confession and a kiss

Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So finally confirmed their shared feelings for each other at the end of episode eight in a touching scene. Kim Mi So confronted Lee Young Joon after a misunderstanding and told him directly that she wanted to explain everything so that they wouldn’t grow apart.

She shocked him by saying, “I like you. I’m sorry that I’m so late to respond to all of your confessions.” She also solved the problem of his trauma preventing him from kissing her when she kissed him instead. The moment was both emotional and satisfying for viewers!

3. A sweet make-up kiss in the wardrobe

When Kim Mi So’s sisters visited her apartment in episode nine while Lee Young Joon was over, she insisted he hide from them in her wardrobe. After a long visit full of Lee Young Joon hearing things he shouldn’t have, Kim Mi So was finally able to open up the door to let him out. He first complained about what had happened before saying he didn’t want to fight anymore.

He brought her down into his lap and said, “You’re so pretty I can’t get mad at you anymore,” before the couple shared a kiss in the wardrobe. While their kiss in episode eight had been cautious and emotional, this kiss was sweeter and more romantic, signaling a change in their relationship.

4. A kiss after the truth was revealed

In episode twelve of the drama, things heated up between the couple at Lee Young Joon’s home. After finally revealing everything about his traumatic past to his family, he sat in thought with Kim Mi So. “There’s nothing better than being honest,” Kim Mi So said to him and smiled.

The mood then became romantic when Lee Young Joon asked if he could be honest with her about how he felt at that moment. They kissed before he confessed, “I don’t want to waste tonight,” and fans cheered as Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So deepened their kiss. A great touch was when Lee Young Joon untied the ribbon on Kim Mi So’s blouse as the pair became closer, now free of the burden of the secret between them.

Director Park Joon Hwa has been praised for the way he’s set up these romantic scenes, with attention to both visual and auditory effects that ramp up the excitement and romance. For example, the lack of background music in the moments before the kiss scene in episode twelve was a perfect way to convey the tension between the couple to the viewers. It’s described as allowing viewers to focus just on Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So, which naturally made their hearts race even more.

In addition, the director has been creating a charming quality unique to “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” through CGI effects that are a nod to the original webtoon, as well as the perfect sound effects for each scene throughout the show.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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