A Quick-And-Easy Makeup Routine For Lazy Days

Sometimes it’s just one of those days. School or work is waiting, but you know that if you don’t get these next 30 minutes of sleep, you’re going to be breathing fire all day.

So for desperate, or perhaps just lazy, times, here are some on-the-go makeup tips for quick mornings and happier days, or maybe just quick errands where you do need to step foot outside your home, but would like to not scare the children.


Beauty YouTuber Heizle recommends a quick two-product routine if you need to make a quick run to KFC, but don’t want to look like a total zombie. If you’ve got lighter skin, go for a tone-up cream, which will give you a natural highlighter effect, and lip tint. If you don’t have any tone-up cream on hand, or it’s too light for your skin, go for some light concealer instead.

It’s an easy one-two punch, with the tone-up cream or concealer brightening up dull skin or evening out your skin tone, and the lip tint giving your look a bit more vibrancy and color.

Lipstick magic

When you need a more put-together look but really need to get out the door, here’s a simple routine for a more comprehensive look that won’t give away the fact that you literally did your makeup as you were rolling out of bed: tone-up cream, lipstick, and eyeliner.

This look is basically the same as the one described above, except your lipstick will also be your eyeshadow and blush. TKO. Finish up with some eyeliner and mascara, and you’re ready to go get some fried chicken.

For more on these looks as well as how to create this subtle, but eye-catching pink-violet look for special events pictured below, click “Watch Now”!

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