Watch: SEVENTEEN Takes On Brand New Dance Challenges On

SEVENTEEN, who recently made their comeback with “Oh My!” hit up “Idol Room” and tried their hands at various new dance challenges put forth by Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

Because SEVENTEEN is known for their dancing ability, “Idol Room” created a new dance challenge just for them, called “Beon Bul Beon Daen.” In this challenge, when a number is called, the SEVENTEEN members must find the corresponding camera and dance in front of it as if it were center stage.

Though their start was a bit rough, the group quickly got the hang of the challenge, shifting their formations for each camera number called. When the group started doing a bit too well, Jung Hyung Don, with camera number two in hand, called the number from the back corner of the studio, intentionally catching SEVENTEEN off guard.

The group tried the challenge again with “Don’t Wanna Cry,” with Doni resorting to hiding behind a wall with camera two to thwart the group.

Jung Hyung Don joked, “We were actually going to call number two from the dressing rooms.”

SEVENTEEN had a final go at the challenge with “Clap,” keeping an eye on Defconn, who was holding camera two, the whole time. When SEVENTEEN was unshaken by Defconn hiding in the back corner of the studio, the MC started running around in circles, but SEVENTEEN was ready and successfully completed the challenge.

The members also tried out a new viral dance from China, with individual members taking turns freestyling on a treadmill.

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