Former Rania Member Yumin Shares Candid Post Ahead Of Marriage To Former ToppDogg Member P-Goon

Former Rania member Yumin shared a heartfelt post about her departure from the girl group and her upcoming wedding to former ToppDogg member P-Goon.

On July 17, Yumin uploaded a photo from her wedding pictorial with P-Goon on Instagram, along with her thoughts on her newly announced engagement.

Her post reads as follows:

“Hello. This is Yumin.

“I first want to apologize for the fact that the notice of my departure [from Rania] was publicized before I released an official statement, as well as the fact that I surprised the people around me when they found out about the wedding through news articles before I informed them.

“I’ve always been surprising the people around me. A kid who had only worked part-time jobs suddenly said she wanted to become a model and started promotions. After receiving a lot of love as a model, I was able to gain the new experience of being in a girl group as a new member of Rania. However, even though I should have shown you better things through my continuous efforts, I hit a wall due to my insufficient skills, and I decided to leave [the group].

“We dated for four seasons [one year] with marriage in mind, and now, after combining our hearts and promising to be together for the rest of our lives, we will get married in August.

“In a way, I think it may not have been easy for me to announce the news because I wasn’t confident according to my standards of success. However, we plan to cheer each other on even more in the future and spend the rest of our lives together as true partners.

“Thank you to everyone who congratulated us and took an interest despite the sudden news.”

Yumin and P-Goon will get married on August 25 at a wedding hall in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

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