7 Times BLACKPINK Couldn’t Hold Back Their Savagery

These days BLACKPINK is known for many things: unbeatable choreography, unwavering charm, and unstoppable savagery. Their commentary and sassiness can be seen everywhere, from variety shows to V Lives to interactions on stage. Check out this list of times they couldn’t control their sass towards each other!

1. Aegyo? No thanks

Blinks all over the world know that you really shouldn’t ask the members to do aegyo. The reason is because the other members cannot stand it! The members are sure to lunge at any chance to make fun of the other members’ aegyo if it happens.

2. Jisoo’s pudding fiasco

During this V Live, Jisoo made sure the whole world knew three things:

  1. Jisoo has pudding
  2. Lisa wants pudding
  3. She will not share her pudding with Lisa.

3. Lisa’s birthday present from Jennie

You thought this was going to be a sweet secret being shared, right? Nope, Jennie made sure that we knew she was planning on giving Lisa a big slap for her birthday.

4. Lisa’s cooking skills


It seems that Lisa’s cooking skills are a hot topic among the BLACKPINK members, and not because her food tastes good. It’s actually quite the opposite. The members definitely like to make sure we know that they question her cooking abilities.

5. Two words: nobody asked

If there’s any way to shut someone down, it’s with these two words: “Nobody asked.” Jennie says it so cold-heartedly and blankly, you’ll probably get the shivers just from watching this video.

6. Jisoo’s not so beautiful cell phone case

It’s always a treat when we see the members of BLACKPINK do simple crafts and activities that remind us that they are indeed teenagers. But like teens, they give each other a hard time and drag each other on their (in)abilities to succeed. What’s funnier is probably Jisoo catching her saying it to everyone.

7. The reason why Chaelisa fight

When the pressure is on, the truth comes out. In this clip, Jisoo asks Rosé a question that gets the crowd going and makes everyone laugh. The real conundrum here is, “Is Rosé the one who is relentless or is it Jisoo for asking the question?”

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