Kim Jung Min’s CEO Ex-Boyfriend Receives Sentence For Blackmail

Kim Jung Min’s CEO ex-boyfriend Son Tae Young has received his sentence for blackmailing the actress.

Back in July 2017, Kim Jung Min reported him for blackmail and defamation. Although she later decided to not move forward with her lawsuit against him, he was found guilty and sentenced to two years of probation, during which if a new offense is committed, he will have to spend one year in prison. He was also sentenced to complete 120 hours of community service.

The judge who is in charge of the trial stated, “The accused’s threats are, in short, nasty and bad. However, we took into account the fact that during the trial, the defendant agreed to pay a large sum of money to the victim and that the fact that the victim said she doesn’t want him to be punished.”

Currently, Kim Jung Min is taking a break from broadcasting activities.

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