Apink Talks About Their Teamwork, Hobbies, Quirks, And More

Apink members shared fun tidbits about themselves and each other on a radio program.

On July 19, the girl group appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Ji Suk Jin‘s Two O’Clock Date.”

DJ Ji Suk Jin began, “While filming ‘Running Man,’ the members really like the song ‘I’m So Sick.’ HaHa especially likes it.”

Jung Eun Ji replied, “Please invite all of us,” and Bomi added, “Wherever we went, we always said that we wanted to appear on ‘Running Man.'”

On the secret to their lasting teamwork, Chorong stated, “When we were pondering over the contract renewal, one of the things we had ambitions about was, ‘We want to do more things as Apink.'”

She said because there was a limit on their concepts thus far, there were many things the group wanted to try. “We renewed our contracts thinking, ‘Won’t we be able to do more things?'” said Chorong.

As they continued their interview, each member spoke about themselves. Chorong said she likes to drink alone, especially beer, but doesn’t eat snacks in order to stay in shape.

Bomi commented, “I live with Chorong and she keeps collecting drinks. She even collects wine and beer coolers.” Chorong explained, “The coolers are pretty. Fans also gave them to me as gifts, so I started collecting them.”

Bomi opened her own YouTube channel two months ago and currently has over 300,000 subscribers. As for her role model, she revealed, “I really respect Risabe. But honestly, all of the YouTube creators are my role models. I’m still a baby.”

Many listeners also sent in their eyewitness accounts of Apink. Everyone laughed when they realized that all of the accounts of Son Naeun mentioned her wearing leggings. Jung Eun Ji joked, “Leggings are a part of Naeun’s skin.”

Son Naeun previously appeared in the film “Woman’s Wail.” On her future projects, she said, “Since I’ve appeared in a horror film, I want to now try appearing in a melodramatic film.”

She then chose Jung Eun Ji as a generous member who takes good care of her members with medicine and band-aids on hand.

Jung Eun Ji picked Bomi as the member who isn’t good at texting back on KakaoTalk. Bomi explained, “I don’t like the red color disappearing from my phone. But I never read and not respond.”

Hayoung is known for her love of playing computer games, and was asked if she wants to play against Jung Joon Young, who recently became as a professional gamer. She answered, “I’m not close with him yet. If the opportunity arises, I’d like to play games together.”

Bomi then chose Jung Eun Ji as the member she’d like to be reborn as. She explained, “I’m envious of her cool, sociable personality.” Namjoo made the others laugh when she said she’d like to be reborn as herself.

Apink is currently promoting their song “I’m So Sick” off their mini album “ONE & SIX.”

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