Girl’s Day’s Yura Joins Upcoming Variety Show About The Coast Guard

Yura will be joining upcoming variety show “Ocean Police” (working title).

The Girl’s Day member will be joining Kim Soo Ro, Jo Jae Yoon, and Kwak Si Yang as they transform into the Coast Guard in the upcoming MBC variety show.

Through her past fixed shows such as “We Got Married” and “Tasty Road,” in addition to being a guest on other variety programs, Yura has shown that she does not hold anything back physically when it comes to broadcasting. With her lovable, friendly personality, it is expected that she will be able to communicate well with citizens, which is an important part of police work. As the only female member, a key point to watch out for will be her chemistry with the other cast members.

“Ocean Police” is an MBC Every1 spin-off program of the “Countryside Police” (literal translation) series. In the show, the members filmed with the South Sea Regional Headquarters of the Korean Coast Guard and took on various duties such as patrolling, salvaging, and preserving the sea.

“Ocean Police” will air its first episode in mid-August.

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