Prosecution Requests 30 Years In Prison For Former President Park Geun Hye

Prosecution requested for former South Korean president Park Geun Hye to receive 30 years in prison at the appeal regarding her corruption scandal.

Park Geun Hye was officially removed from office and arrested in March of 2017.

On July 20, the Seoul High Court held the appeals trial for former president Park Geun Hye’s violation of multiple laws. The prosecution asked for a prison sentence of 30 years with a fine of 118.5 billion won (approximately $104 million). The prosecution asked for a similar punishment during former president Park Geun Hye’s first trial as well.

The prosecutors said, “Through the authority Park Geun Hye was granted, she and Choi Soon Shil abused their power in pursuit of private interests, resulting in the model of corruption between the politics and businesses. They divided the field of culture and art and violated the freedom of creativity and expression. They ordered for the resignation of civil servants and ruined the career civil service system.”

They continued, “However, they only turned the blame on others and avoided taking responsibility, rejecting the constitution and judicial process. As Choi began to garner suspicion, Park denied knowing anything, but when Choi’s crimes were blatantly revealed, she was unable to escape her judicial responsibilities and said, ‘I was deceived by Choi,’ once again shifting the blame.”

Additionally, they stated, “We have never seen former president Park Geun Hye give a sincere apology to the nation or reflect on her actions. She has not once appeared in front of the court of law after October 2016. Even if the status of president is special, she is rejecting everything even though she has the duty to face the judicial procedure as a citizen of the nation.”

Park Geun Hye was indicted under 18 counts including colluding with her friend Choi Soon Shil to demand large conglomerates to give money to Choi Soon Sil’s non-profit foundations.

Choi received 7.8 billion won (approximately $6.8 million) from Samsung for her daughter Chung Yura’s horse-riding support fund, and received bribe money that totaled up to 43 billion won (approximately $38.2 million).

During the first trial, the court found Park Geun Hye guilty of 16 of 18 charges made against her, and sentenced her to 24 years in prison and a fine of 18 billion won (approximately $16.9 million).

The justice department said, “(Because of former president Park Geun Hye) The order of the state fell into great chaos, and even escalated into the expulsion of the president. That responsibility falls on former president Park, who abandoned her duties, and Choi, who monopolized the government in pursuit of her own gain.”

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