Beauty Envy: 10 Of BLACKPINK's Best Beauty Moments That Slayed Us All

Not gonna lie, trying to pick and choose BLACKPINK’s best beauty moments can be a hard task, especially when they’re all about the aesthetics. With six music videos and hundreds of stages and live performances, the girls have served us with nothing but amazing looks since their debut, and we’re positive we’re not the only ones who dream about replicating them, from hair to makeup and fashion. But even with it being a difficult job, we rounded up some of our all time favorites from stages and MVs in order to commemorate almost two years of nothing but stunning looks.

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” – Jisoo in all-pink

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” treated us to too many amazing beauty moments as for us to choose just one, so instead we picked one for each member because it’s only fair, right? One of the most iconic moments without a doubt is Jisoo’s pink wig-eyeshadow-lipstick game. It is just too good to forget about it and definitely a moment that will stay tattooed to our retinas for a long time. The combo mixed metallic hot pink eyeshadow with magenta lips and a bubblegum bob wig paired with huge diamonds on her ears, neck, and hands… Now talk about a statement look.

“DDU-DU  DDU-DU” – Lisa’s black & white eyes

This look is all about the drama. Lisa truly blessed us with amazing moments for this comeback, but this one in particular is an audience favorite: a thick and bold black wing topped with a layer of white eyeshadow brings all focus to Lisa’s eyes even with a parrot standing on her arm. Let’s not forget peachy lips and dark orange hair to make this look worthy of the #savage title.

“DDU-DU  DDU-DU” – Rosé’s monochromatic red

The goddess status Rosé empowers all throughout this video makes it very hard to pick just one beauty moment for her, but if we have to, we’d definitely go with the monochromatic red during the bridge of the song. Intense and matte red lips, burgundy and gold eyeshadow, and cherry hair, all paired with a stunning red dress and ruby accessories, made this moment one to remember (and hopefully be able to copy one day).

“DDU-DU  DDU-DU” – Jennie’s chess queen

If there’s something about Jennie’s looks — and we mean always — is how simple yet memorable they can be. Just for DDDD, there are many iconic moments we’re obsessed with, but this time we have to go for the Chess Queen situation at the very beginning of the video. From the multicolor dress to the smooth, velvet-like skin and bronze eyeshadow game, this is a look that definitely hit us in the feels. Easy to replicate, easy to pull off, yet still intense and dramatic. In a nutshell, all we need to take over any area.

“Whistle” – Lisa’s silver & purple combo

Silver and purple is just too good of a combo, and Lisa definitely knows it. Her combination of light and dark strands of silver hair paired with purple eyeliner/eyeshadow and fair skin and lips turned this into an inspo moment (if you don’t believe me just search for Lisa Whistle Makeup on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of tutorials recreating this supreme look.

“Boombayah” – Jisoo’s under-eye jewels

Talk makeup jewels to me and you’ll get my attention in a second. For their debut, Jisoo went all in and tried something a little different: peach eyeshadow for her upper eyelids, hot pink for her lower eyelids, and adhesive jewels right under her lower lashline, all for a wild, jungle-like concept that serves as evidence that sometimes more is more.

“As If It’s Your Last” – Rosé’s pink vibes

There’s something about BLACKPINK and the way they always seem to rock monochromatic looks. For this video, Rosé’s all pink got us wanting to grab every single bubblegum-shade makeup we own and try it all together. Three different shades of pink for her eyes, pink on her lips, pink on her cheeks… It’s pretty clear she’s trying to honor the second half of their name here. Best thing is this is a super easy to replicate look that anyone can pull off, any day of the week.

“As If It’s Your Last” comeback stage – Jisoo’s purple hair


Sometimes idols decide to reward us by giving us just a little of the good things. While Jisoo tends to go for simple looks when talking hair and makeup, for their AIIYL comeback stage, we saw her displaying the most gorgeous purple mane that we pray will make a comeback sooner than later. With some pink and lilac undertones, her hair was worthy of a fairy tale.

“Whistle” comeback stage – Jennie’s glossy look


Let’s talk about glitter, gloss, and everything shiny. This very simple look is all about glowing. While at first sight it could look like Jennie is wearing only mascara and eyeliner, it’s matter of the light hitting her face for us to realize the wet-sparkly effect they went for when doing her eye makeup. A little glossy eyeshadow over pink glitter pigment and a touch of silver eyeshadow on the inner eye is all you need to glow the night away as Jennie did here.

“Playing With Fire” on Inkigayo – Lisa’s orange & silver vibes

Lisa is a chameleon, and we all know it at this point. She’s tried so many makeup and hair combos that’s hard to think about only one favorite, especially when talking live performances, but the orange and yellow extensions mixed with silver and gold makeup for this stage are absolutely engraved in our brains.

Picking only ten was definitely a difficult job, and we’re sure BLACKPINK will keep on blessing us with even more amazing looks with time. Is there a beauty moment we forgot about? Let us know in the comments!

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-Beauty trends, testing idols’ skincare routines or doing #masKaraoke. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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