Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Opens Up About DJ-ing And Renewing Contract With SM Entertainment

In a recent interview, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon talked about DJ-ing and renewing contracts with SM Entertainment.

When it was pointed out that she was the only member to become a DJ while the other Girls’ Generation members became actors or solo artists, she said, “I think I made a good decision. The pressure is big, but I enjoy it. To do something new and enjoyable is happiness. I also think it’s thrilling to receive feedback right away on the DJ scene.”

Hyoyeon opened up about what made her become a DJ, saying, “It started with my interest in dancing. I thought if I mix certain moves together, it’d be amazing, and that’s where my interest of DJ-ing stemmed from. Curious about mixing, I started to play with the DJ mixer, and I thought I should make music while listening to the advice of professionals.” She revealed that she started to have an interest in DJ-ing when Girls’ Generation’s songs “The Boys” and “I Got a Boy” came about but started to officially become a DJ one year ago.

Hyoyeon also talked about her music style, explaining, “I put hip hop between dubstep and tech house. It’s a genre that makes your heart thump. The question is whether the music can lead the audience or not. Just like when I was preparing for albums, my concern as a DJ is whether I should keep up with the trend or lead the public with the music they want.”

When it was pointed out that she might receive some backlash from the DJ world because she is from a girl group, she candidly replied, “I knew there would be people looking at me with judgmental gazes. One thing I’m certain about is that if there’s no talent, you’ll fall behind. My goal is to become a DJ who is acknowledged [by people].”

The idol-turned-DJ talked about competition among female DJs, saying, “It may be boring, but I will compete with music quality. On the outside, I will show a cool ‘girl crush’ side of myself.”

Hyoyeon also opened up about renewing her contract with SM Entertainment, whereas some of the other members had decided to part way’s with the agency. Concerning their decisions, she said, “I respect everyone’s opinions. It’s their lives.” Then she shared the reason why she chose to remain at SM Entertainment. She said, “I thought that no one could support me better in my direction than my company. Something that is like loyalty but not loyalty at the same time influenced me as well. I’ve been here since the year 2000, so there are many staff members that I am compatible with.”

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