7 Times Park Seo Joon Blessed Us With Amazing Kiss Scenes

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” starring Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young is no doubt one of the most buzz-worthy dramas. Fans can’t get enough of the electrifying chemistry between the two leading actors and sizzling romantic storyline. What also makes the drama a real standout is the amazing kiss scenes, which leave us viewers with our hearts racing uncontrollably.

I think we all swooned when Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) kissed Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) back after she finally confessed her feelings.

Or when they had this sweet make-up kiss in Mi So’s closet after their fight.

Also, who could forget this steamy kiss on the couch? Rawr.

Park Seo Joon is popular for his unique charms, handsome looks, and great acting chops. Fans of the actor also know that he’s well-known for always having amazing kiss scenes with his female co-stars. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite snippets of Park Seo Joon’s best kiss scenes from his previous dramas, so get ready to swoon!

Warning: Kiss scene spoilers below. 

Kiss that saves the day

In the first episode of “Witch’s Romance,” Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) endures an embarrassing moment when Soo Chul (Yoon Hyun Min) makes a fake confession and laughs in her face while calling her an ahjumma. Then Dong Ha (Park Seo Joon) suddenly appears on stage and sweetly pulls Ji Yeon in for a kiss. It’s the first kiss that starts it all, and boy, you can see already how Dong Ha and Ji Yeon are already attracted to each other with their natural and intense chemistry.

Beer kiss

Another memorable kiss scene from “A Witch’s Romance” is when Dong Ha invites himself over to Ji Yeon’s home and suggestively asks for a beer. This scene is so much fun because it goes back to the beginning of the drama when Ji Yeon and Dong Ha had the same beer spilling scenario. When the can of beer overflows, both Ji Yeon and Dong Ha instinctively attempt to stop the foam from spilling over the top, slurping it at the same time. And after what feels like a long tension-filled moment, Dong Ha grabs Ji Yeon for a kiss. It takes us back full-circle, but this time, our couple is officially together and Dong Ha is now the one who initiates. You really feel giddy, seeing how happy they are as a couple.

Irrational Obsessions

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Sweet kiss

In the drama “She Was Pretty,” Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) rushes to find Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) in the hospital after he passes out due to exhaustion. This is such a sweet moment for our couple, because Hye Jin comes to support Sung Joon when he needs her the most. Finding him asleep in his room, she reaches out to touch his hair, but Sung Joon wakes up and pulls Hye Jin down onto the bed with him. After Hye Jin gives him a long hug with tears streaming down her face, Sung Joon pulls Hye Jin in for a gentle kiss. This scene is so sweet because it’s a big step, as it means Hye Jin shows that she is accepting and returning Sung Joon’s feelings. The gentle kiss from Sung Joon simply seals the deal of their unspoken feelings for each other.

Hoodie kiss

In this kiss scene, Sung Joon just proves how much he really loves and cherishes Hye Jin. After a picnic lunch and a stroll by a lake, he gives Hye Jin his jacket to keep her warm. Sung Joon promises to save Most (the magazine company they work for) and plans to propose to her after the success. You can see how nervous Sung Joon is when he is telling Hye Jin that’s he’s afraid of losing (after finding her again 15 years later) and wants to be with her for a long time. And when he takes the hood of Hye Jin’s jacket and pulls her in for a kiss, it’s just so sweet and romantic!

Wall kiss

In this kiss scene, Hye Jin returns to Sung Joon’s house after making up excuses to not stay at his place for the night. It’s right after Sung Joon proposes to Hye Jin in such a cute way, putting together their favorite puzzle and asking if she would marry him in one year’s time. The way that Sung Joon kisses Hye Jin when she returns to his house is so intense and sexy as he kisses her passionately against the wall. It seriously makes us swoon!


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“Let’s date” kiss

This moment from “Fight My Way” is one scene that really turned me into a puddle of goo. When Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) spots Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) turning away from him (after his ex-girlfriend tries to pull him in for a kiss), he runs after her and kisses her. It’s a scene that reminds us that love is really all about timing. For Dong Man and Ae Ra, they’ve always had feelings for each other, but their timing was always off. Now with Dong Man’s kiss and bold confession, our OTP finally got their timing right. And even without the confession, Dong Man’s kiss left us speechless, just like Ae Ra.

“I Love You” Kiss

In this scene, Dong Ha finally drops the L-bomb, and it is perfect. When Dong Man runs to meet Ae Ra at the park, he tells her that he wants to fight again to progress on his dream to become a MMA fighter. But along with this, he also explains why he ran to her, saying, “I love you. I totally love you to the point where I’m going to go crazy and die. I love you, Ae Ra.” And when Ae Ra says she also loves him, Dong Man is so happy he shouts, “I love you like crazy Choi Ae Ra,” and smothers her with kisses. Dong Ha’s confession is loud, open, and honest, just like how he is as a person. He’s always been more timid regarding his feelings, so it’s wonderful to see him expressing how fiercely he loves Ae Ra as much as she loves him.


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Hey Soompiers, what are some of your favorite Park Seo Joon kiss scenes? Let me know in the comments below.

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