Watch: BIGBANG's Seungri Gets A Little Stressed Out Behind The Scenes Of

BIGBANG’s Seungri has unveiled new behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of his music video for “1, 2, 3!

The newly released clip shows Seungri hard at work behind the scenes of the music video for his latest solo title track, which he describes in the video as “a song that expresses a man’s self-confidence.”

He goes on to explain, “This music video begins with a man seeing a beautiful woman.” The beautiful woman in question is played by singer Anda, who recently signed an exclusive contract with YGX Entertainment, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment co-headed by Seungri. The video then features a brief glimpse of the director instructing Seungri to act impressed as he looks at Anda.

As the clip shows Seungri and his dancers diligently rehearsing the choreography, Seungri remarks, “This music video is a one-take video, so I really worked hard to practice. I think this was the hardest choreography practice I’ve ever experienced. I really sweat a lot.”

When one of the dancers points out that Seungri is drenched in sweat, he replies, “My physical stamina… I only ran around 1/3 of this [set], and I’ve already become [exhausted].”

Later on, after filming a dance scene with Anda, Seungri appears dissatisfied with his own performance. “It was good, but I made a mistake,” he says regretfully. “Now that we’ve started shooting, I feel nervous.”

The director then attempts to comfort the visibly tense Seungri, telling him with a laugh, “Relax. Why are you like this?” The BIGBANG member turns to the camera and declares, “All [the video] needs is for me to do a good job. Really, everything is great, and all [the video] needs is for me to do well.”

Fortunately, Seungri manages to pull off the choreography with his usual flair, and he ends the video by asking his fans to show a lot of love for “1, 2, 3!” He adds, “Having all of you [by my side] gives me strength. You are my everything, and I’m your everything.”

Check out the full video below!

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