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What probably comes to mind when we think of working in the corporate world is a boring office with drab, plain clothing with little to no imagination. But what the drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” has taught us is that you can add some creativity and fun to your work wardrobe while still looking ready for business. Here are some fashion inspo that bend the office style rules without breaking them:

Invest in classic blouses and pencil skirts.

Secretary Kim (Park Min Young) probably has a closet full of flowy blouses that come in different colors and styles. From a statement ribbon, romantic ruffles, to a simple collar, the blouses are a perfect match with basic pencil skirts that create a smart look. She wears this “uniform” with matching nude heels and bag.


When she’s off-duty from work, Mi So’s style is also on point. She likes to wear comfortable dresses for a laidback look, and a more feminine floral dress for a possible romantic date with her boss, Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon).

For special out-of-office dinner parties or networking events, a formal wear is in order, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some color. Take cues from Mi So, who livened up the room with a peach coral off-shouldered gown that’s elegant and showed just the right amount of skin. Everything else was kept simple. Her hair was styled with subtle, soft waves and her lipstick matched the color of her dress. Her best accessory? The dashing man she came with to the party.

Look sharp in the ultimate suit.

With Lee Young Joon’s high stature as the Vice President of the company, he always makes it a point to look polished and perfect in every way. His go-to style is a three-piece suit (trousers, vest, and blazer combo), but he mixes it up with long sleeves that have brighter colors so that he won’t look too imposing. Off work, he still wears his trusty matching pants and blazer, but he loosens up a bit in a casual shirt.


Be the friendly workmate in pretty pastels.

At the start of the drama, the rookie secretary Kim Ji Ah (Pyo Ye Jin) is poised to take over Mi So’s coveted position, and she’s already learning to dress the part. Her style is a bit like the fresher and younger version of Mi So’s, and it matches her bubbly and friendly personality as well. She still has a lot of things to know in order to catch up to Mi So’s work expertise, but Ji Ah definitely has what it takes, not just personality wise but also in terms of style.

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous!

If there’s anyone who keeps things interesting in the office, it’s got to be Bong Se Ra (Hwang Bo Ra), the section chief with the unpredictable personality. She can be a combination of lively, cunning, and vain, and it shows in her style. She’s not afraid to wear statement earrings, big glasses, loud prints or clashing colors. Of course, she still keeps it within office boundaries and never goes over the top. But she proves that a little more color can make a big difference.

Try a combination of simple and trendy styles.

Sul Ma Eum (Kim Ye Won) and Yoo Shik (Kang Ki Young) are the complete counterparts of the Young Joon/Mi So tandem. Ma Eum isn’t quite as detailed as Mi So, while Yoo Shik is quite the goofy, funny boss. Still, they make a good team. Ma Eum wears a combination of monotone dresses and printed blouses paired with staple pencil skirts that are a bit like Mi So’s.

Wear a trusty uniform.

If you can’t be bothered to think about what clothes to wear every day to work, just pick one good outfit and wear it every day. It will enable you to be more productive and save a lot of your time, just like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg whose daily uniform consists of jeans and a gray T-shirt. In the case of Ko Kwi Nam (2PM’s Chansung), he only wears one suit every day and projects the image of an ideal hardworking employee. But not everyone knows that he simply just wants to avoid spending time on unnecessary things.

Wear versatile pieces.

Perfect for work that requires a lot of traveling, Seong Yoon (Lee Tae Hwan)’s style comprises of a lot of business casual clothes that fit his role as an unconventional writer who works on his own time and style.

Bonus: have fun dressing in easy casuals (outside of work)!

After a tiring work session, let your hair down, let your body breathe in comfy clothes, and your feet rest in sneaks as soon as you clock out!

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