Kim Dong Han Compares Solo And JBJ Promotions + Gives Advice To

Kim Dong Han recently sat down for a tipsy interview with Ilgan Sports, where he talked about his solo debut, what JBJ meant to him, and gave advice to the “Produce 48” trainees as a former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant.

The singer concluded his activities as a member of JBJ this past February. He then released his solo debut mini album “D-Day” in June, and promoted with his title track “Sunset.”

Kim Dong Han previously participated in a tipsy interview during his JBJ promotions, but as this was his first time doing so alone, he admitted he was nervous. When asked what it felt to be promoting alone after JBJ, he commented, “I have to dance, sing, and look at the camera [on stage] alone, so it’s hard. To be honest, interviews like these are difficult too. There’s no one to talk with me. It’s also because I’m not the type of person to talk much.”

For his solo promotions, he had thought he wouldn’t be able to do any cute concepts, so he took on the mindset of trying everything except cute concepts. The idol added, “Because the song was strong and sexy, the choreography came out naturally and the stage outfits also naturally had a Latin, sexy feel. I want to try everything but cute concepts in the future. I want to try a variety of genres too.”

Kim Dong Han also shared his thoughts on winning first place on a music show, saying, “I didn’t expect anything, but I’m thankful that [my fans] helped me achieve first place. I had beef for dinner that night. People around me now tease me about winning first place, and call me ‘first-place singer.'” On why he hadn’t cried after winning first place, he explained, “I don’t really get shaken by my emotions. That’s just my personality. I’ve never even been surprised when I watch horror movies.”

Kim Dong Han then talked more about JBJ. In the previous tipsy interview with JBJ, the members had expressed positive thoughts on extending their contract, but ended up wrapping up group promotions when their contracts expired. He commented, “At the time, things were moving in a positive direction, but there were a lot of reasons why the contracts weren’t extended. I can’t explain everything, but our fans seem to know.”

The singer was asked if he had any regrets on their short promotions as JBJ, and he answered, “It has only been nine months since I debuted, and I have four albums. We spent seven months as if they were three years. We worked hard and so I have no regrets with our promotions.” Kim Dong Han expanded on how meaningful their solo concert had been, sharing, “It was so much fun. I want to do it again. Wherever I looked, there were fans who came to see us, so I was thankful. To be honest, I can’t hold a solo concert right now, since I don’t have enough songs [on my own]. I don’t know when I’ll be able to hold a concert again, so it was even more meaningful to me.”

On whether he had originally planned for solo promotions after JBJ, Kim Dong Han commented, “The head of my agency suggested that I go solo after seeing me perform on the stage alone at the JBJ concert. To be honest, up until the concert, I wasn’t sure what I would do after JBJ promotions. Since our contracts weren’t renewed, I was very nervous as our group promotions were wrapping up. It was because being forgotten in the entertainment industry is something that happens so quickly. I’m thankful that I was able to come out with my solo album, continue promoting music, and appear on broadcasts.”

He also shared what JBJ means to him. Kim Dong Han expressed, “It is a strong, close existence. We were together every day for seven months. We also meet frequently now, so there’s no way we’re not close. We talk about worries and everything else. I think the JBJ members are the people who listen to me when I candidly talk about my concerns.” The idol added, “When I think about it now, we made our miracle-like debut together, won first place together, and held our first solo concert together too. If it wasn’t for JBJ, we wouldn’t have been able to make all those memories, and I wouldn’t be here today. The seven months of promotions as JBJ are so precious to me.”

The singer revealed how the JBJ’s group chat is still very active. He explained that they all tended to say what they had to say, and that whenever he found funny pictures of the others, he would send it in the group chat. He added, “It tends to be a group chat for memes. We only send photos that are funny, rather than photos that come out well.”

As a former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant himself, Kim Dong Han shared that he hadn’t been able to watch “Produce 48” in its entirety yet, but he had watched videos online. He offered his advice, and said, “It’s good to show a lot of yourself. When I think about it now, I wonder why I didn’t mess around more. There are a lot of contestants, but only a certain number of cameras. On survival programs, it’s important to show more of yourself. Since I was a trainee then and it was my first time coming out on broadcast, I wasn’t very experienced so I don’t think I did very well.”

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