“Lovely Horribly” PD Apologizes For Using Sewol Ferry Comparison To Criticize Acting

The producing director (PD) of upcoming KBS drama “Lovely Horribly,” starring Park Shi Hoo and Song Ji Hyo, recently caused a commotion for using the family of deceased Sewol Ferry victims as comparison to criticize an actor’s acting.

According to a source, director Kang Min Kyung reprimanded an actress concerning her crying scene, saying, “Why do you have the expression of the family of deceased Sewol Ferry victims?” The staff on the scene said it was thoughtless behavior, and her remarks spread throughout the crew’s group message room.

After that, Kang Ming Kyung apologized, saying, “I want to admit that it was an inappropriate comparison and apologize.” The PD explained, “The scene was about a character having an interview after getting into an accident. The actress became very emotional and looked like she was in mourning, so I thought, ‘The interview in this scene isn’t like the one the family of the deceased Sewol Ferry victims went through. It’d be better if she was a little bit brighter.’ In that sense, I unconsciously brought them up.”

A source from KBS said, “The PD did say such a remark but admitted making mistake and reflected on it. So [the PD] apologized to the staff, and the staff accepted the apology. Currently, everyone is working hard on filming.”

Chief producer (CP) Bae Kyung Soo commented, “At that time, the atmosphere had to be light when filming the interview scene. So director Kang Min Kyung told the actress, ‘This isn’t an interview about the Sewol Ferry [incident]. Please act brightly.'”

Then he explained, “After that, the remarks spread in the group message room that is run by staff members and became controversial among them. The director heard that and apologized although [the comment] was said unconsciously. It happened about five days ago.”

Bae Kyung Soo admitted it was still the wrong to say and shared, “We’re worried and concerned. The director is showing self-reflection.”

“Lovely Horribly” is a horror romantic comedy about top star Yoo Philip (played by Park Shi Hoo) and drama writer Eul Soon (played by Song Ji Hyo). The two share a zero-sum destiny where if one is happy, the other must be unhappy, and they both experience odd happenings.

“Lovely Horribly” will air its first episode on August 13 at 10 p.m. KST.

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