(G)I-DLE Talks About Their Group Name, Practice Schedule, And More

Known for winning No. 1 on a music show 20 days into their debut, (G)I-DLE recently posed for The Star and shared various stories of their trainee days, as well as their dreams.

With a concept of an “exciting summer day,” (G)I-DLE participated in the photoshoot for the August issue of The Star magazine.

In the interview that followed their photoshoot, leader Soyeon talked about their debut track “LATATA.” She said, “I write and compose songs. I usually get inspiration from my members and write the songs, and ‘LATATA’ was created in a similar way. To say it in one word, this track is (G)I-DLE.”

When asked about their unique group name, Soyeon responded, “There was a group naming contest within the company. During that time, I was creating a song titled ‘Idle Song,’ and I sent it to the company after completing it. But the song’s title became the group’s name. It felt like fate.”

In response to a question about funny events that happened, (G)I-DLE responded, “Before our debut, we had multiple versions of ‘LATATA.’ So everyday we would practice by dividing up those versions, but because there were too many, it was confusing and we made a lot of mistakes. Sometimes we’d dance to one day’s choreography on another day.” They continued, “When we look back at that time, it was so amusing and fun. It remains in our memories.”

Later, the conversation turned to the group’s regimen for singing and dancing. Soyeon, Minnie, Soojin, and Miyeon replied, “Usually, others will set a certain time and practice until a certain hour, but we’re a little different. We end practice until a certain part in the music, and after deciding that, we practice until we’ve finished. Even if it might seem a little harsh, that’s how we feel like it’s becoming perfect.”

Yuqi and Shuhua answered, “We’ve had times where we’ve practiced until early morning and went home on the first train.”

Finally, when asked about what being a singer meant to them, they earnestly said, “We’ve all worked hard to become singers, and struggled through hard times. Every moment after our debut is another step towards our dreams.” They continued, “We want to hear people say things like, ‘Of course its (G)I-DLE.’ It’d be nice if we could find a unique style and color of our own that no one else can follow.”

The full photo shoot and interview will be available in the August issue of The Star.

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