SHINee's Minho Comments On Working With Han Ye Ri, Jung Woo Sung, And More In Film

SHINee’s Minho shared his thoughts on filming the movie “In Rang” with many talented co-stars.

“In Rang” is a remake of the Japanese animation film “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.” Set in the year 2029, it tells the story of the rise and struggles of a special police unit and government task force when an anti-reunification terrorist group attacks after the announcement of North and South Korea’s reunification.

On July 20, a press conference was held with Kang Dong Won, Han Hyo Joo, Jung Woo Sung, Kim Moo Yeol, Minho, and director Kim Ji Woon in attendance.

Sharing his thoughts on the film after watching it for the first time, Minho said, “It was a fun, new film. I was touched by the director’s story. I watched the film for the first time and I was curious about not just my scenes, but how it would look overall. I thought that it would meet the expectations of many people and was satisfied.”

The director spoke about the reason why he cast Minho in the film. Kim Ji Woon said, “I think there is no longer a divide between idols and actors. There’s no reason to view them with prejudice or bias, and I think Minho is a person with a lot of ambitions towards acting and a mind for acting.”

He continued, “Because I held a preconceived notion, I was more detailed and kinder when directing Minho. I did this so that he wouldn’t get his feelings hurt and say that he didn’t want to act again. I tried hard to bring out Minho’s passion for acting without hurting his feelings.”

Minho replied, “I’m touched that he said such nice things. While filming, the director gave me detailed directions and I acted while carefully listening to the director’s words in order to show myself perfectly. I think it was 100 percent the director who created me [in this film].”

The singer-actor appears as Kim Cheol Jin, a member of the special forces unit. Minho made Han Ye Ri laugh when he spoke about filming powerful action scenes with her. He said, “It’s nice to see Han Ye Ri again for the first time in a while after filming. In the film, there’s a scene where I lift up Han Ye Ri, but she was so light that I was surprised. I thought that ‘this must be what it’s like to hold up a feather.’ At the end, I dragged her, and this scene was only possible because she was so light. I think the scene came out well thanks to her.”

About appearing in a film with many other talented actors, the SHINee member commented, “It was such an honor to be with senior actors. At first, I was even awkward with the staff members, but Jung Woo Sung acted comfortably towards me. He invited me to a meal and the set felt more comfortable after that.”

Minho continued, “When filming with Kang Dong Won, he said we should try to do a good job without looking tired, so I learned a lot about passion. It must have been difficult while filming the action scenes, but he filmed much more extreme action shots that made me not want to show that I was hurting no matter how much I fought or was actually hurting.”

He added, “I was really surprised by the difference in Kim Moo Yeol when he is in front of the monitor and when he is in front of the camera. In front of the monitor, he asked while smiling, “Is it good? I would like to do it this way. It turned out really well.” But in front of the camera, he completely transformed into his character, so it was a bit scary when going home.”

“In Rang” premiered in theaters on July 25.

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